Jack Russell – Ideal Dog for an Active Life

Take a closer look at the characteristics of the character of the Jack Russell Terrier, as this breed is not for everyone. An energetic Jack Russell needs active movement and training, he loves to bark and, thanks to his hunting instincts, feels the need to explore the surrounding area, which is why he can run away.

What are the Personality Traits of Jack Russell Terriers?

Jack Russell Terriers are active dogs that are bred for burrowing hunting. Consequently, they are very active, purposeful, courageous, decisive, have a quick reaction, love to catch up with balls and rings, play constrictions with a crazy roar … And not everyone will be ready for the games of two Jack Russells, it looks very frightening and very loud.

At the same time, Jack Russells are very gentle and affectionate with a man, such dog-cats that will not miss a single ray of sunlight so as not to lie on it, or not a single knee, so as not to jump on them and not get warm.

Jack Russell Terrier owners sometimes complain that their pets are destroying their apartment, whining, suffering alone, suffering themselves, and tormenting the owners.

This can happen if the dog is not taken seriously and is not taken care of: for example, bought “like in the movie The Mask” or as a gift to children, thinking – the dog is small, it will not cause problems. But in fact, this is a dog with a motor instead of a tail, very active and requiring long walks and education. If you do not explain to the puppy the basic rules of behavior in the house, etiquette on the street, do not teach basic commands, there will be big troubles, and first of all, for the owners (and also for the apartment, neighbors, cats …)

Often, from an excess of energy, there is overexcitation, nervous tension, and this ends with Jack Russell’s aggression towards other animals or humans. Therefore, I never advise Jack Russells, and other active dogs, to calm people who are not ready to walk and train a lot.

But for an active person, Jack Russell will be the perfect companion. A dog of this weight will be allowed on a bus, minibus, subway, even in the cabin of the plane.

Jackie is not picky about food, however, there are allergy sufferers, this should be taken into account when choosing a puppy. And they also have a very cool breed trait – they adore people and children.

A well-mannered Jack Russell does not have aggression towards other animals, that is, you can teach, the main thing is to know-how.

Is the Jack Russell Terrier Easy to Train?


Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting and prey dog. Therefore, it is easy and pleasant to work with them. They are easily motivated both for a toy and for food, they like to get a reward and earn praise, and also, since Jacks are very fond of people and affection, they are ready to work just to be praised and stroked by the owner. On walks with them, you can play ball or pullers, for the more advanced, the doors to the world of frisbee, agility, sports obedience are open.

If the food is always full of food, the owners pet it and so … With such dogs, it is difficult, and even more difficult with their owners, who feed and pamper the dogs to the point of impossibility, turning them into lazy and fat sofa creatures, and then get angry at the pet “with a bad temper” forgetting that everything is decided by education. And to educate someone, you have to start with yourself, right?

How Healthy is the Jack Russell Terrier?

Food allergies are unpleasant, therefore, you should take a puppy from healthy parents.

Lens luxation, a breed-related eye disease in Jack Russells, leads to loss of vision at a young age. Ideally, of course, for the puppy’s parents to have genetic tests for luxation, but in our reality, most breeders have not even heard of such a disease. In any case, Jack Russell’s eyes should be given close attention and, at the first symptoms, consult an ophthalmologist.

Is it Difficult to Care for the Coat of a Jack Russell Terrier?

The smooth-haired Jack Russell Terrier has a lot of coat – much more than other smooth-haired breeds of the same size. Wool needles are everywhere: in clothes, furniture, on the floor, and it is very difficult to clean them. Special Velcro strips help to clean the clothes.

From brokens (this is an intermediate variety between smooth-haired and wire-haired Jack Russell), as far as I know, there is no wool if trimming is done in time.

There is absolutely no wool from wire-haired Jack Russells, they are trimmed but overgrown very quickly. That is, you need to trim them about 2 times a month.

You can trim in the salon with a specialist, or learn by yourself.

What Kind of Owner Does Jack Russell Terrier Need?

The Jack Russell Terrier can be the ideal dog for an active person who needs a companion for outdoor trips, jogging, or cycling.

If you prefer to spend your free time calmly, it is better to choose a less active breed so as not to torment yourself or the animal.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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