Japanese Chin: Coat Colors

Japanese chins are decorative dogs with silky long hair. Lovers of pet hairstyles cannot pass by these attractive four-legged animals. Choosing a puppy, many, first of all, are guided by color. Let’s find out what colors of fur the Chins can have.

Coat Colors

Standard colors for this breed are enshrined in the official appearance standard. Only two options are recognized as allowed:

  • white background with red spots;
  • white background with black spots.

The spots on the base color always have clear boundaries. They can be located symmetrically in the eye area, be harmoniously scattered over the body. Sometimes the spots can even be mirrored, which is especially appreciated at breed shows.

A prerequisite for the appearance of a purebred Chin will be the presence of a white stripe on the muzzle. It should take up space from the bridge of the nose to the back of the head.

Interesting! The nose in white and black dogs is usually black. And in dogs, with red spots, it can be brown.

Sometimes dogs with a non-standard color can be born. This category includes Chins with a brown-spotted color. Tricolor puppies are also recognized as non-format. Completely white albino Chins will also be banned. Such dogs are usually spayed and not allowed to participate in breed breeding.

The Japanese Chin must always match the breed standard. This is necessary so that illiterate selection could not erase the natural features of their appearance.

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