Japanese Chin: Temperament

The temperament of the Japanese Chin is the embodiment of perky self-confidence. This is a very lively, but full of dignity, the son of the East, who only dreams of being in the spotlight and is terribly upset if his caresses are rejected.

Representatives of the breed have high intelligence and a sense of humor. They are able to endlessly listen to the owner – and you will be absolutely sure that the pet understands you. He subtly feels the mood of each family member and does everything to create a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere in the house.

By nature, the Japanese Chin is cheerful, loves to walk and play with all family members.

These dogs are often referred to as “the cat in the dog’s skin”. They love to climb all sorts of high places, so make sure that the pet does not fall out of there.

Japanese chins are full of dignity and do not bark in vain. Although the doorbell will answer – to warn you.

These dogs are clean and can diligently clean themselves for a long time, washing with their paws.

The Japanese Chin is quite capable of keeping company with an elderly person. They are quiet and calm, they do not like unnecessary fuss. And the soft, pliable character of the Japanese Chin makes it possible to recommend representatives of the breed even to people without experience in keeping dogs.

But chins do not tolerate loneliness, so they are not suitable for very busy owners who leave the dog bored in the apartment for the whole day.

Japanese Chins are calm about other animals and are eagerly happy to meet other representatives of their breed. But keeping them in the same house with very large relatives is hardly reasonable – a baby chin can be crippled in the game.

Japanese Chins are easy to learn, manage well, and do not violate any prohibitions. They are unlikely to win competitions in training or agility, but they are quite capable of mastering the basic commands for a safe and comfortable life and a few tricks. The main teaching method should be positive reinforcement, praise, and goodies.

In fairness, we note that if you neglect elementary education and training, you can get a harmful and uncontrollable pet. But to achieve such pedagogical neglect, you need to try very hard.

Keep in mind that due to their short muzzle, these dogs snore, grunt, wheeze, and make many other strange sounds.

Japanese Chin and Children

The Japanese Chin is a friendly dog ​​that is able to find a common language with any member of the family. He is calm about children of any age. However, you should not have a representative of the breed in a family with small children. Not because the dog can harm the baby in any way. On the contrary: unbridled manifestations of children’s love can seriously injure and even cripple a tender pet.

In addition, Japanese Chins are not very fond of noise and running. They prefer a calm, measured life.

The authority for the Japanese Chin can only be an adult or a responsible teenager who can appreciate the merits of a little friend and love him.

If the Japanese Chin lives in a family with children, your task is to teach the children how to handle the dog correctly. Also, you will have to constantly monitor the process of their communication. Do not allow the child to bother the pet when he sleeps or eats, in no case do not allow food to be taken from the chin or to be rude to him.

However, it is better not to leave any dog ​​alone with a small child.

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