Japanese Chin vs Pekingese

Miniature dog breeds for decorative purposes are ideal for keeping in an apartment. These are the Pekingese and Japanese Chins. These cute and friendly pets will brighten up the leisure of the whole family, they are not afraid to be left in the company of small children. These are companion dogs who love to spend time in the company of their owners and do not tolerate loneliness. How do they differ from each other?


How is Pekingese Different From Japanese Chin?

In appearance and temperament, these miniature dogs are very similar. They will become ideal pets in a small format apartment, they will not take up much space, but at the same time, they will require some attention and care.

Important! Before buying a puppy, it should be understood that the dog will need professional help from a groomer and veterinarian. This pleasure is not free, so you should soberly assess your capabilities.

The main differences between dog breeds are as follows:

  • origin;
  • temperament;
  • exterior;
  • learnability;
  • animal care.

In each area, dogs have certain differences that help distinguish them from each other and make a choice in favor of one of the breeds. It is worth investigating this issue before buying a baby.


Despite the name, Japanese Chins are a Chinese breed of dog. The Japanese are so fond of animals that they sincerely consider them their property. However, modern representatives of the breed bear little resemblance to their ancestors. Chins have undergone significant changes in the process of evolution.

The exact origin of the Pekingese is unknown. Scientists have established with a precision that these small dogs lived in ancient times and have always enjoyed honor and respect, were the prerogative of rich people. Over time, little has changed, the animals themselves have also remained practically unchanged.


Chins are very brave and intelligent dogs, they love to spend time with their beloved owners and take good care of their body cleanliness. In addition, they are very friendly and curious dogs. They do not like to bark for no reason, they rather conduct a “dialogue” with their owner.

Pekingese are also quite friendly, curious, and cheerful. However, unlike Japanese Chins, they are prone to narcissism. Often they do something to spite the owner, if, in their opinion, he did not pay enough attention to them. They tend to distrust strangers and show an instinct to protect their master when needed. They get along pretty well with other animals.


The first thing to look at is the coat and colors of the animals. Chins are distinguished by a long coat and a large number of colors. Pekingese can be both long-haired and short-haired, and also have an even greater number of acceptable colors.

Important! Pekingese are slightly larger in size than Japanese Chins. This is clearly visible and stands out when comparing these two breeds.

As for the appearance, the chins are slightly different in the structure of the muzzle, it is less flattened and more pointed. Pekingese have an almost flat muzzle with a characteristic fold above the nose.


Both breeds lend themselves well to training, but the strength of their temperament, Pekingese often refuse to perform certain exercises and show self-will. With Japanese Chins, experts unanimously confirm the convenience and ease of training.

You need to start training a puppy almost immediately after it appears in a new house. With their willfulness, Pekingese learn a little faster. In Chins, the process is easier, but it can be slightly delayed.


Representatives of both breeds require close attention and careful care. This applies not only to health but also to the quality and condition of the coat. These breeds are prone to eye pathologies due to the structural features of the skull. It is important to monitor your pet’s health and show it to your veterinarian periodically.

You should also carry out professional grooming of the animal several times a year. This is necessary for the pet’s coat to be beautiful and silky, carefully combed, and shiny.

Should I Choose Pekingese or Japanese Chin?

The question is rhetorical since both breeds have their own advantages. In general, it is impossible not to fall in love with both Pekingese and Japanese Chins at first sight. They are very nice and attractive, they have a friendly disposition and from the first minutes, they have to themselves.

In addition, they have a miniature size, which attracts people living in small apartments. Their training is quick and easy, and learning elementary knowledge is not delayed.

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