Kangaroo Dog: Dog Breed Information

Time of appearance:
XVIII century

68-76 cm.

about 36 kg.

Description. A tall strong dog with rounded ribs and a deep chest, reminiscent of a very powerful and large English Greyhound, weighs 36 kg. The head is narrow and long, the ears are thin, pulled back along the neck. The limbs are strong and slender. Height at withers 68 – 76 cm. Any color with a predominance of white, solid black is found. The coat is short, coarse.

History. The kangaroo greyhound was bred by crossing Greyhounds with Deerhounds for kangaroo hunting. Fast-footed marsupials, which cause serious damage to crops, are now protected by law in Australia. Kangaroos in the race develop incredible speed, and when the pursuing powerful greyhounds catch up with them, they jump into the water and swim to save themselves. Standing with his back to a tree and fighting off with powerful legs and tails, the kangaroo represents a dangerous adversary who stands to death. Kangaroo hunting requires very fast, resourceful, and strong dogs.

The breed is not recognized.

Characteristic. Although the Australian greyhound remained in Australia, it is rather rare today, only on remote ranches, where it is used for hunting medium-sized game. Keeping a kangaroo dog as a companion is not recommended; it is ruthless and dangerous in its hunting passion.

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