Keeping Your Cat Healthy Through Play

One of the most important things you can do for your cat is playing with her. It helps keep her healthy, strengthens your bond with her, and may even slightly improve your own health. Fortunately, cats love to play, so motivating them won’t be as difficult as going to the gym at five in the morning. All it takes is the right selection of cat toys, some sound stimulation and some play! In general, playing with a cat is almost entirely about stimulating its hunting and chasing instincts.

Turn exercise Into form games

Outdoor cats have plenty of time for physical activity, play and hunting. But cats living at home are somewhat more prone to becoming slobber. Luckily for you, physical training for your cat is not difficult – in fact, it’s very fun! Plus, it helps to strengthen your relationship while maintaining your cat’s mental and physical health.

Games and toys

Cats love games and all that is required of you is a little creativity. First, try to hide the treats inside your home to stimulate her hunting instinct. Since the cat is born to hunt, she will love looking for surprises. You can also play hide and seek. Just hide in different rooms of your house and call her name, always remembering that you must reward her when she finds you.

Cat toys are also a good way to get your cat moving. Try feather-tipped stick toys, small radio-controlled cars, and bells. Or simply tie a rubber band to one of her toys and pull on the rubber band to make it seem like it is moving – it will immediately pounce on the toy. Remember not to let your cat use your hands and fingers as prey. If you do this, she will think that hunting people is permissible. It’s best to stop this behaviour before it becomes second nature to your cat – not to mention that it can be difficult to wean.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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