Me and Best Friend: Non-Obvious Cat Games at Home

During the week of quarantine, you are probably tired of throwing a mouse at the cat or feeding him five times a day. To diversify joint leisure, we have come up with new games.

Perhaps they will make you look at life differently. Well, somehow more positively, or something.


Who has the antennae here?

Terms. The cat is playful and in good spirits. You are not deprived of rich imagination and self-irony.

You need. Free room, blanket or blanket of any size.

Rules of the game. You put the cat (if possible, of course) next to you, hide under the covers and count to 10. The cat is all this time around and does not understand where you have disappeared. Waiting for you to appear. And then you crawl out from under the blanket and shout: “Who has a moustache?” Only not very loudly, otherwise player # 2 will run away. Then you can pet the cat’s antennae and hide again. The game is not limited by time, it all depends on your desire.

Shadow or seal

Terms. It is advisable to play the game in the evening in the largest room or in the corridor, where there are little furniture and additional light sources.

You need. Medium weight piece with a drawstring. Anything will do – a work badge or a pencil tied to a string.

Rules of the game. Turn on the light so that you do not block its source. Move your foot slightly so that player # 2 turns his attention to the floor. Take an object with a string in your hand and move it randomly in different directions so that the shadow of the object quickly moves across the floor. The task of player # 2 is to catch the shadow, the task of player # 1 is to let the shadow slip away from the fluffy paws. Whoever lost or did not want to catch the shadow is the seal.

Clarification. There are two ways to play Shadow or Seal. In the second, we recommend using a laser pointer. Yes, we know that some cat experts do not recommend this type of games, but sometimes you can.


Terms. It is desirable that no one was in the apartment during the game. A hearty meal is also encouraged by both participants.

You need. Bed or sofa, earplugs and complete silence.

Rules of the game. You lie down on the bed and invite player # 2 to lie down next to you. From experience we can say that he rarely refuses to abide by the rules, so do not survive. Do not fall asleep right away: wait until the second player falls asleep and only then close your eyes. Practice shows that sometimes tailed participants are cunning.

Whoever wakes up, in the end, is the one who lost. That is if after sleep you find that the cat has gone to another room, congratulations, your victory!

Bang or Bite

Terms. The mood of the cat does not really matter here. It all depends on his personal preferences: the game will either go to him or not. How lucky here. It is advisable that you do not sleep at this time and be not very hungry.

You need. Chlorhexidine in case of a loss.

Rules of the game. Sit opposite player # 2. Make it clear that he is safe. Look into his eyes for a long time, you can stroke a little on the back or scratch his ear. When you realize that the cat is friendly and not expecting a trick, touch his nose, saying “bang”, and quickly return your hand back. Your task is to prevent player # 2 from guessing what happened. The “bang” action must be repeated until player # 2 responds with a “bite”.
Thus, the game has two outcomes: a draw if you stop playing before your opponent responds, and your loss if you manage to make a move.

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