Miniature Bull Terrier: Temperament

By nature, the Miniature Bull Terrier is an energetic, very active dog that loves to move, and does it swiftly. So if you have this dog, you need to provide it with active long-term walking (at least 3 hours a day).

The character of the miniature bull terrier is distinguished by some independence and even sometimes stubbornness. However, this does not mean that the miniature bull terrier cannot be trained and educated. Anything is possible, the main thing is to be patient and stay calm.

If you bring up a mini-bull terrier correctly, it will become an excellent companion. However, if you neglect the upbringing of a miniature bull terrier, he is able to deliver quite a lot of problems. Including in the absence of proper socialization, these dogs tend to show aggression towards other animals.

The distinctive character traits of the Miniature Bull Terrier are curiosity and devotion. Representatives of the breed cannot stand loneliness and are always ready to accompany the owner. These are real clowns who love to be in the spotlight. No event will be complete without the active participation of these dogs. The breed is not suitable for a too busy owner.

It is very important to provide the miniature bull terrier with the proper level of stress, and not only physical but also intellectual. If you do not give your pet something to do, he will find it himself – and you are unlikely to like it. A bored Miniature Bull Terrier will constantly bark, spoil things and hunt anything that moves.

As a rule, miniature bull terriers are friendly to strangers, but they can be good watchmen.

The Nature of the Miniature Bull Terrier in Relation to Children

The Miniature Bull Terrier is not the best choice for a family with small children. Yes, these dogs are friendly and affectionate, but you should consider their inexhaustible energy, and they may be too harsh for safe play with a small child – for example, accidentally knocking your heir down. If the child is too intrusive, teases the dog, or treats it rudely, the miniature bull terrier may well use its teeth.

If you nevertheless decide to have a miniature bull terrier in a family with children, always control their communication. Strictly forbid children to disturb the pet while eating and sleeping, make sure that they do not pester the dog if it wants to retire and is tired of communication. And in no case leave a miniature bull terrier alone with a small child.

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