Norwegian Lundehund Breed Profile

The Norwegian Lundehund is so active that his mistress or master should also like to spend as much time as possible in motion and play ball with him a lot.


Norwegian Lundehund Portrait

In English, it is also known as the Norwegian Puffin Dog because it was formerly used to plunder the nests of rock-dwelling birds (Lunde), especially the puffin (puffin). Anyone who knows how high these nests is hidden in the rocks will get a glimpse of this dog’s acrobatics.

Accordingly, his urge to move must be encouraged. Long walks, on which the Norwegian Lundehund prefers to take his toys with him, are therefore a must. Outside, he is curious and loves to explore and climb almost anything. Even at home, some objects are not safe from his climbing skills.

He is very wary of strangers but never aggressive, although he is very careful to watch over his family and protect them from any danger. He is very alert and reacts to all unusual noises and movements, which he reliably reports. It may be that he overdoes it a bit with the barking. With loving training, he can be made to use his powerful organ less often and with fewer decibels.

Overall, training requires a great deal of patience and constant rewards. He can be very trainable and obedient, but will often get his own way. Most of the time he understands what is asked of him, but decides with an exuberant self-confidence to change his mind every now and then. Especially when he is called back by his owner on a walk, but there is just so much exciting to discover or even when huntable small animals and birds are nearby.

He gets along well with children as long as he has grown up with them and they are tolerant and orderly with him. He also gets along well with cats and other dogs. However, birds and small animals should ideally not live in the same household because of their strong hunting instinct. He often brings things from outside to his family, whom he loves more than anything, and gives them as “gifts”. Because of their vulnerable digestive system, he can easily get sick in this area.

The Appearance of the Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund is 30 to 36 centimeters tall and weighs 6 to 9 kilograms. He has a double coat, which consists of a short, thick top coat and a soft undercoat. Its coat color is black, gray, or white.

All About Care

The Norwegian Lundehund’s coat only needs an occasional brushing. If you are very picky about hair in the house, you have to use the dog brush a little more often.

About History

Traces of the Norwegian Lundehund can be traced back to the 16th century when it was kept on the coasts of Norway to hunt alvogels (Lunde) and specifically puffins. That’s why he was bred with extra-large toes and long, flexible necks and shoulders so he can climb cliffs. When hunting was banned around 1800, interest in the breed fell sharply. The Norwegian Lundehund, which almost became extinct in the 20th century, is occasionally bred again today.

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