Norwich Terrier Breed Info: Personality Traits

So big can be small: The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest terriers of all, but he more than makes up for this with his oversized ego. Originally used as a rat hunter, it is very agile and needs at least two long walks a day. However, it should be kept on a leash, as it chases after all small animals that could even remotely be considered prey.


Portrait of Norwich Terrier

Therefore, if possible, no rodents should live in the same household, and preferably no cats either. The Norwich Terrier usually gets along well with other dogs. However, he prefers human company. Since he shows me loving and affectionate, likes to cuddle. He also appreciates children very much, as long as they are a bit older and treat him appropriately. Then he can play with them for hours.

What he doesn’t appreciate at all is not being involved in family ventures. If left alone for too long, it will show its displeasure by barking and digging holes. This can also happen if he is underemployed. The Norwich Terrier needs constant mental and physical challenges through numerous activities and wants to play a lot. Otherwise, he gets bored quickly. He loves long walks and is even an enthusiastic companion when jogging.

The upbringing is easy, as long as it suits him. So it’s important to come up with methods that he enjoys. Nevertheless, it can always happen that the energetic four-legged friend is stubborn and tries everything to get his own way. He is also extremely sensitive to scolding. This should be avoided in the interest of training success. He is a good watchdog by nature. He barks immediately when strangers approach, and he behaves very cautiously at first.

Characteristics of the Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier reaches a size of 25 to 26 centimeters and a weight of 5 to 6 kilograms. He has a double coat consisting of a medium-length, straight, wiry top coat and a dense, soft undercoat. Its coat color can be red, black and tan, or gray.

Tips for Care

His coat only needs an occasional brushing. However, if you are picky about your hair, you should brush it every day.

Development: Norwich Terrier

Like the Norfolk Terrier, the Norwich Terrier originated in East England and was used as a rat hunter. Both breeds were initially called Norwich Terriers and were very popular with students at Cambridge University in the 19th century. There have been two official breeds since 1964: the dogs with the pricked ears remained Norwich Terriers, and those with the hanging ears were called Norfolk Terriers from then on.

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