Pomeranian Breed Info: Personality, Appearance, And More

The nature of the Pomeranian is the embodiment of activity and overflowing energy.

These kids imagine themselves to be real lions and do not at all reckon with the superior size of the enemy, challenging the “enemy” to battle. In a small body such a brave heartbeat, which the largest dog in the world can envy. If it were not for its miniature size, the Pomeranian would be an excellent watchman and bodyguard.

However, even without that, they rush into the attack without the slightest hesitation. Another dog may be attacked while walking, as well as anyone who crosses the threshold of your house. In addition, they love to bark loudly on any, even far-fetched, reason. Therefore, do not neglect education.

The Pomeranian is suitable for an active person who loves long walks.

This is an intelligent and loyal dog that retains liveliness and love of games until old age. You can almost always take it with you, which will make your pet incredibly happy.

A Pomeranian puppy will easily get along with other animals, but if you take a new pet to an already adult Pomeranian, conflicts can break out every now and then – the Pomeranian will certainly claim to be the leader of the pack.

The representative of the breed will easily adapt to any conditions and rhythm of life. It doesn’t matter if you are an early riser or an owl – your four-legged friend will imitate your habits.

By nature, the Pomeranian is quite stubborn, self-confident, and hardy. He is quite capable of making independent decisions without waiting for your command.

He learns easily and quickly, and if you do not miss the favorable period, then by 4 months you can get an obedient, controlled dog. However, he will feel any weakness instantly – and will certainly take advantage of it. They will achieve what they want with loud, persistent barking.

The Pomeranian perfectly captures the nuances of your mood and adapts to them. Therefore, it can be recommended to both a young family and an older generation who are accustomed to silence (subject to regular active walking). The main thing is to spend time and energy on education and training. The result will not disappoint – you will get a fun and loyal friend.

The Pomeranian can become a “child” dog if your child is over 7 years old and responsible enough to treat the pet correctly. However, in any case, parents need to take on most of the care and education of the dog.

Inform children that the Pomeranian is not a soft toy, but a full member of the family with his own desires and needs. In no case do not allow your four-legged friend to be disturbed while eating and sleeping, be rude.

As a rule, Pomeranians are friendly towards children and willingly play with them. Teach the child to properly take the puppy and the adult Pomeranian in his arms, in no case to drop him – this is fraught with serious injuries.

Forbid the child to secretly feed the dog, especially chocolate and other sweets – such habits not only form ransomware out of a four-legged friend but also have a negative effect on health.

Teach your child to collect their belongings and toys, otherwise, the Pomeranian may chew them, or even swallow them.

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