Pomeranian Care

The Pomeranian has a very impressive appearance, but, contrary to fears, caring for the Pomeranian is not too troublesome.

The main component of caring for a Pomeranian is caring for a luxurious coat. A puppy is taught to comb from an early age. It is better to comb the pet daily, but if it does not work out at all – at least 2 – 3 times a week. Try to remove as little undercoat as possible, otherwise, the attractiveness of the Pomeranian will be largely lost.

Hairballs can form in the groin, behind the ears and on the feet – watch out for this.

Frequent bathing is not recommended. Bathing days are arranged no more than 1 time in 2 – 3 months or in case of heavy pollution. Dry your dog with a hairdryer. Dry shampoo can be an alternative to water treatments. During molting, the pet is not bathed. Before bathing, the Pomeranian must be combed.

Hygienic care of the Pomeranian is no less important.

Be sure to check your pet’s eyes and ears daily.

If necessary, trim the claws with a special nail clipper.

Do not forget about the prevention of tick and flea bites. To do this, you can use special collars, sprays, drops, shampoos.

Representatives of the breed require regular active walking at regular intervals.

Alice White

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