Pomeranian Puppy: How to Choose

To choose a Pomeranian, you need to contact a specialized nursery or an experienced breeder with a good reputation. Unfortunately, a large number of resellers and unscrupulous breeders have led to the emergence of dogs that only vaguely resemble the representatives of the breed.

Visit several exhibitions, chat with the owners of Pomeranian, once again weigh the pros and cons of buying a dog. Answer 7 important questions to yourself sincerely.

When you get to the breeder, pay attention to what the babies are fed with. The food must be of good quality. This is not an area where saving is appropriate.

Another important indicator: the condition of the premises. It should be warm, clean, and spacious.

Why do you choose a dog? There are show-class Pomeranians – to participate in exhibitions. Breed class – these are dogs that will participate in breeding. Pet-class – pets that are unlikely to shine in the ring or give elite offspring, but will bring no less joy from communication than more “elite” relatives. The price of a puppy depends on the class.

Get to know the parents of a potential pet, study their pedigrees.

The choice of male or female is a matter of personal preference. However, there are nuances to be aware of.

Males are more suitable for shows, they are larger, their coat looks better. But get ready for the fact that the “gentleman” will start quarrels with other dogs, will not be very willing to learn, and will be ready to leave you if he learns a “lady” in heat during a walk.

Females are softer and more agreeable, but they are in heat twice a year – this period requires you to be more attentive when walking.

Ask how many puppies there are in the litter. It is difficult for a mother to feed more than 4 puppies.

Take a closer look at the behavior of a Pomeranian puppy. A real Pomeranian is not shy, he will be happy to meet you. If you pick him up, he should not pull away or show aggression.

A healthy Pomeranian puppy has a fluffy, shiny coat without an unpleasant odor. Skin – no rash or redness. Ears, eyes, nose – clean, no discharge. The gums should be pink. The baby should be well-fed but without a bloated tummy. There should be no limp while driving. The appetite should be good.

It is better to take a Pomeranian puppy at the age of 3 months (plus or minus 2 weeks). But if you need a show-class pet, it is better to wait up to 4 months – then you can understand if there are any defects in the exterior.

It is rather difficult to determine the color of the future pet in childhood; in this matter, you will have to trust the seller.

You should be given a puppy card, a veterinary passport indicating the vaccinations made, a list of upcoming veterinary procedures, recommendations for feeding and care.

Check if the baby has a brand or a chip.

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