Poodle Care: How to Walk with a Poodle in Winter

Poodles are known to have a poorly developed undercoat and are therefore susceptible to cold weather. The small breed needs gradual adaptation to colder temperatures.

Adaptation to new weather conditions occurs by reducing the time of walking with the onset of cold weather. When temperature drops are observed outside, indicating the onset of cold weather, the animal is taken outside for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a day. Gradually, the walking time is increased to at least 30-40 minutes, thereby the dog gets used to the cold. If there are signs of freezing, in particular tremors, curling of the paws, you should return home. You need to walk with a poodle at a fast pace in winter, and even better with physical activity. Active games will keep your pet warm. If walking does not involve physical activity, then it is advisable to use warm winter clothes.

The use of clothing depends not only on the activity of the animal but also on the climatic conditions in the region of residence, the size of the animal, health status, age. For example, standard poodles feel comfortable in the open air, the temperature of which does not exceed -30 degrees, provided there is no strong wind and snow. They tolerate cold more easily than heat. Due to their size, they retain heat longer and in winter you can walk with a large-sized poodle without clothes.

The color of the coat plays a role in warming the body. Even on a frosty but sunny day, dogs with dark coats will be warmer than those with light coats.

Healthy dogs with well-groomed and thick coats can tolerate cold without clothes, but matted coats retain heat worse. If the poodle is sheared, then clothes are definitely needed, although it is better to allow the pet to grow wool by winter.

Elderly poodles, animals with weakened immunity, diseases need winter clothes. In winter, poodles may have an exacerbation of arthritis, sick dogs freeze faster.

It is better to walk miniature and toy poodles in clothes. Preference should be given to insulated overalls, which not only warm but also prevent contamination of the wool.

Poodle puppies in winter in frosty weather, if the air temperature is below -10 degrees, it is better not to walk. Babies are vulnerable to disease and should be protected. With warming, the puppy can be taken outside. The first walks should not take more than 10 minutes. As you get used to the weather conditions, the walking time of the poodle puppy increases.

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