Pros and Cons of a Dachshund

Dachshunds are unique dogs with a number of positive aspects. But, like any other pets, they may have disadvantages. If you are going to become the owner of a representative of this beautiful breed, then the following information will definitely come in handy.

Main Pros

The positive temperament traits and behavioral features of dachshunds include:

The simplicity of keeping. Dachshunds do not need to provide any special care. These dogs are unpretentious neither in content nor in beauty guidance.

Small size. For people who live in city apartments, dachshunds will be an excellent pet option.

Developed intelligence. All representatives of this breed have a lively mind, resourcefulness, ingenuity. Like any hunter, they love and know how to make independent, and most importantly, the right decisions. Cunning and ingenuity are also not alien to these dogs.

Devotion to man. They experience extremely positive feelings towards their master. Affection does not go away over the years. These pets perceive moving to another family extremely negatively.

Companionable temperament. Dachshunds easily find a common language with all family members. They make friends with children, get along with the elderly. Animals that grew up with them at the same time also become best friends and playmates.

Hunting instincts and guard qualities. You can and should go hunting with dachshunds. And if necessary, they can also be assigned the role of a house guard.

Ease of learning. It is quite simple to train and educate these dogs. A dachshund can be taken into the house even by someone who had no previous experience of communicating with animals.

A Few Words About the Cons

Dachshunds also have certain characteristics that may seem like cons to someone. These include the need to select a special diet due to the tendency to obesity. Also, some dogs, especially older ones, may need to be forced to move and run. If this is not done, then pets that lead a too sedentary lifestyle can acquire extra pounds and a lot of health problems.

Some owners say that it was difficult to teach the pet to walk on a leash. Sometimes dachshunds can refuse to make concessions and even show aggression. But in most cases, this can be attributed to parenting errors.

Those who are not afraid of such insignificant common characteristics can safely have a dachshund puppy at home. The main thing to remember is that we are still the only ones responsible for those who have been tamed.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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