Pros and Cons of Pugs

The question for future owners of pugs is: is it right to choose this dog, what are the pros and cons of the breed, will we cope with it? These are normal questions and doubts. In order not to harm the dog and not complicate your life, you need to weigh all the pros and cons in advance.

Pug Dog Breed Information

The pug is a pretty one. His canine sociability is a distinctive temperament trait. Funny and cheerful, he will be loyal to his masters, and even, despite his small stature, will try to protect you if necessary. Shows friendliness to everyone. And even small children can boldly fiddle with him. And if they hurt or the pug gets tired, it will never snap back, just hide.

Although the breed is quite popular, it still attracts attention. It is impossible to pass by such a “cutie”, and you strive to stroke. And it was not in vain that this breed was chosen by emperors and other crowned persons.

The dog is smart, can be trained, capable of cunning. Despite the fact that it looks like a “room ottoman”, she is capable of long walks. Appearance is charming thanks to a funny face, funny folds, and bulging eyes.

REFERENCE. It was with these folds that the pugs attracted the Chinese emperors, the hieroglyphs were too reminiscent.

Small growth: 33 cm, just right for room maintenance. And the weight is no more than 7 kg. The coat is short.

Why People Love Pugs

Of course, in the first place is this unique appearance, which they simply fall in love with and become pug owners. The indoor breed lives up to its name. It is very convenient to keep such a dog in a small apartment, even a few pugs will not take up much space.

This will absolutely be your companion, he will not leave you alone and wherever you go, he will follow you. And even when you are in the bathroom, you will hear a patient grunt through the crack under the door.

A huge plus that the dog adopts your lifestyle. If you like walking, then she is with you, if you are a “couch potato” and a couch potato, then the pug will be an “ottoman” at your feet.

His kindness just rolls over and she can not help but like it. Even if you are sad, the dog will certainly comfort you with a wet nose.

Its pros are its unpretentiousness in food. That is, what to eat, he does not care at all. And you must admit that it is convenient. And the life expectancy for such a small dog is attractive – 14 years.

What are the Cons of the Breed?

Knowing the downsides of the breed is also important. And often the cons result from the pros. Examples: A dog’s friendly attitude towards everyone makes him an easy target for theft or bullying of unscrupulous people.

Unpretentiousness in food leads to obesity. Therefore, often the owners have to monitor his diet and count calories.

And his companionship can start to annoy (when the dog is constantly on your heels, it gets boring). Or the dog does not want to stay alone, then it will start to nasty.

The cons include difficult care. Take, for example, regularly wiping the folds with a disinfectant solution. Or favorite “balls” – eyes, also need constant care. And during molting, it will be simply impossible to clean mini hairs from carpets and upholstery.

IMPORTANT! People with allergies are advised not to have pugs.

Sometimes snoring is referred to as a disadvantage, and if at a puppy age it is even cute and not so loud, but gradually the snoring will intensify, and nothing can be done about it. Rather, this is not a minus, but a distinctive feature of the breed, which must be taken into account.

Hopefully, the cons didn’t intimidate you? In fact, the pros always outweigh, the main thing here is to be prepared for some peculiarities, and that’s it. Then the little grunting pug will delight you for a long, long time.

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Written by Alice White

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