Proud Dog Names: These Names are Especially Classy

For many, dogs are not just pets, they are valuable family members. Proud dog names show the four-legged friend due respect and emphasize the appreciation for the family member. Therefore, it is always worth considering choosing a particularly noble name for the fur nose.

Regardless of whether a mixed breed dog, Chihuahua or Labrador Retriever: Proud dog names are a good choice for every furry friend. Not only the owners are very proud when their own four-legged friend sits down for the first time. There is also a proud character slumbering in the dogs themselves.

Who can claim to remain true to their principles such as loyalty, unconditional love, and joie de vivre all their life?

Dogs create this art of living all by themselves – and that makes them proud, noble, and sublime animals. This article lists proud dog names and reveals the profound meanings behind Elmo, Lara, and Co.


Lions are not only majestic in their appearance – they also have a proud and dominant character. Therefore the name Aramis, which translates as “the lion”, is exactly the right choice for all self-confident males.


Arya not only sounds like a posh name, it actually is! The name of Persian origin means “the noble one” and is suitable for females


Of particular value: the dog name Cara is suitable for females of all breeds. It comes from Latin and means: dear, dear and valuable.


The popular name Charly comes from the old German name Karl. This translates as “free man” or “the free one”. Perfect for all males who live a life of freedom and pride.


The dog name Elmo also exudes a touch of aristocracy.


The name Falko comes from Old High German and means “the wonderful falcon”. But why should you name four-legged friends after a bird? Quite simply: As the fastest animal in the world, the peregrine falcon exudes grandeur and pride.


This English name is derived from the Latin word “gratia”, which means “grace” and “grace”. For all graces among the females Grace is a wonderful choice.


Behind this short name for males, there is a meaning that can be seen. In Sanskrit, Jay means “the winner”.


The name Jesko comes from Slavic and is suitable for males who belong to the group of daredevils. The translation is “proud” and “courageous”.


The laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and fame. For this reason, the beautiful name Lara fits into the category “proud dog names”, because one of the translations for Lara is “the laurel wreath”.


“The famous fighter”: This is the prestigious meaning of the English name Louie. It comes from the German name Ludwig and sounds noble and sublime.


The Latin translation of the name Maja is “the higher one”. The popular dog name is, therefore, a very special choice for females who think a lot of themselves.


Mila has several meanings up its sleeve and is translated as “the beautiful” or “the pleasant”. Ideal to give a female a special honor by naming it.


For all future aspirants to the throne: Translated from Kurdish, this sonorous name means “the prince”. So the name Miro is exactly right for males who like to sit on the high horse.


Proud dog names can be found in all languages. Reggie is an English name derived from the German name Reinhold. It means: “The ruling one”.


Splendid: The name Rupert means “the one who shines through his fame”. Not bad for a male who has a particularly proud character.


Dogs are valuable companions who have longed for or come into our lives by chance. Theo means “God’s gift” and expresses appreciation for the loyal partner on four paws.


After a goddess of victory: Vicky is short for Victoria and means: “The victorious”. It doesn’t matter whether the female is disciplined in a dog sport or prefers to conquer the couch – with the name Vicky she is at least a winner by name.

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Written by Alice White

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