Pug Dog Breed: How to Choose a Puppy

The pug is an incredibly positive, lovable creature that will be very attached to its owner. These dogs lend themselves well to training, but at the same time, they are very temperamental and playful. When choosing a puppy, you need to have an idea of what details you should pay attention to, especially if a dog is being selected for a further show career and breeding.

Pug Dog Breed

The Pug breed of dog is an ideal solution for people who prefer leisurely walks around the city and do not recognize the excessive activity. Moderately mischievous, loving, and curious little dogs will become excellent companions and will accompany you everywhere, whether it is a trip to distant countries or just lying in front of the TV.

Important! Pugs are quite temperamental and have enough stubbornness. Such a pet will have to periodically show who is the boss.

Otherwise, this is a very cute and cuddly dog that will be very attached to its owner and his family members. With the right upbringing, the pug will be the perfect pet.

Choosing a Pug Puppy

When choosing a puppy, you need to pay attention to a number of details. Otherwise, you can run into an unscrupulous breeder who is able to sell a sick or non-standard animal at full cost. This is especially important for people who are going to exhibit their future pet at competitions and exhibitions, as well as further participate in breeding and improving the breed.

It is important that all babies are playful, healthy, clean, and kept in a tidy room or aviary. The absence of an unpleasant smell, fleas, and other insects around indicates proper care for them by the breeder.

If necessary, choose a certain color, it is better to seek help from specialists. Pugs have the ability to change coat color during the first year or one and a half years. Only an experienced breeder can predict the future coat color of a small pug.

Exterior Requirements

Already at a young age, pug puppies must have certain exterior standards. The future owner should soberly assess the physical characteristics of all representatives of the litter and choose the best one.

What to look for:

the puppy’s head should be large and powerful, without pronounced cranial bones;

there are deep folds on the forehead of the animal;

the tail is tightly curled upward in one or two rings;

the body is muscular, rather large;


paws are strictly straight;

the animal’s coat should be smooth, clean, and shimmering in the light.

Important! Special attention should be paid to the health of the baby. His gums and tongue should be pink and moist, his teeth are white, and there is no bad breath from his mouth. The area of the body at the anus is clean. Blocks, dandruff, and other insects are unacceptable. The dog’s eyes should be clear and clean, as are the ears.

All puppies must be active and mischievous. When you try to play with them, you must respond and not huddle in a corner, to your mother. The smell from them should be pleasant, not fetid.

How Should a Pug Puppy Behave?

Puppies should be as playful and mischievous as possible. The selected pug should make contact and try to play with the future owner. This is how the first contacts are established between the owner and the pet.

Babies huddled in a corner after seeing a person or lying apathetically in an aviary is a bad sign. They may be sick or have some other health problem. It is unlikely that such a puppy meets the breed standard.

What Else Should You Pay Attention to?

A breeder offering a litter for sale must take the buyer to the place where the female is kept and show the conditions for keeping the puppies. It should be a well-ventilated, warm, clean, and dry place where the mother and her puppies are kept perfectly clean. The litter and box must be cleanly washed and lined with clean napkins or other material.

There should be no unpleasant smell in the room, and the puppies should be plump and playful. It is worth paying attention to the father and mother of puppies. It is also recommended to study their pedigrees to make sure that there are no hereditary diseases in animals.

Many breeders advise “choose with your heart”. It is very important that a spiritual connection is established between the pet and its owner. This is the only way to establish great relationships and become real companions.

Useful Tips

If a person doubts his ability to choose the perfect puppy, you can turn to the professionals. Experienced dog handlers will help you choose a puppy for a show career and breeding, as well as select a healthy, attractive pet-class pet.

Professionals will also help save money, as some unscrupulous sellers try to sell pet-class animals as show dogs. This fraud can be nipped in the bud if you immediately seek help from dog handlers and breed specialists.

Choosing a puppy is a responsible event. Before you get a pug, you need to soberly assess your capabilities, as well as enlist the support of all your family. For a little pug, it will be a big blow to the fact that someone did not accept him in his new home. Take care of the puppy’s comfort beforehand.

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