Pug Dog Breed: Mating

Many dog ​​owners, far from cynology and veterinary medicine, mistakenly believe that every female should have offspring at least once in her life, and a male – “get acquainted with a girl”. All statements of “experts” are fundamentally wrong. In the wild, not every animal is allowed for breeding. The male knows the female-only if he has proved his strength and power, having won numerous battles with congeners. Females also have their own hierarchy and not all give birth. At the same time, animals that do not live sexually are absolutely not infringed and do not feel bad, and even more so they do not get sick from this. However, animals participating in exhibitions and receiving certain titles are deliberately allowed for breeding in order to improve the characteristics of the breed.

How do You Know if a Pug is Ready to Mate?

Each breed has its own recommendations for the timing of the first mating. As for pugs, males can be untied at the age of one year, females – from 1 year 3 months.

However, breeding experts argue that these periods are somewhat averaged. In theory, the female pug begins her puberty at 6 to 8 months, when she is in the heat for the first time. But this is still a very young animal, whose sexual maturation significantly outstrips physical development.

The second estrus occurs at about 1.3 years. But during this period, the young female may still be youthfully unbalanced and too active. It is even possible to abandon the born puppies. The best option would be to wait for the third heat and start trying to knit.

Mating in the early stages, when the pug is still very young, can lead to a complete cessation of physical development and other problems:

  • weak bone;
  • weak, sunken back;
  • muscle dystrophy;
  • psychological imbalance due to early sexual experience.

Important! Mating too late is also not recommended. Pugs age quickly, so it’s too late to untie a female at the age of five.

Thus, each process has its own time. If males do not suffer too much from the early sexual experience, although this is also not recommended, then bitches acquire a number of health problems. If everything is done within the specified time frame, the female will calmly move to a new quality for herself and begin her maternal duties.

Mating Pugs

The first mating is always very exciting and stressful for both the dog and the owner. For the first time, males are untied with experienced bitches who do not resist and know what to do. Many males refuse to approach the female if they were previously scolded for cages. This point must be taken into account in advance.

Young females without sexual experience are always frightened for the first time and experience great stress and tension. It is worth choosing an experienced partner for her, who knows what to do and will quickly tie. You can also resort to the services of veterinarians to help the process completed quickly.

When choosing a partner, you need to consider:

exceptionally high marks at exhibitions and competitions;

excellent pedigree of a partner;

absence of hereditary diseases;

excellent pet health.

Regardless of your dog’s gender, for the first time, it is best to choose an experienced partner who has a wealth of experience in sexual intercourse. This is the only way to avoid the stress and fright of the dog with further problems.

Pregnancy in Pugs

The pregnancy of the female is monitored by a veterinarian. It should be contacted about 6-7 weeks after mating with a male. However, the behavior of the female may indicate the birth of a new life.

What signs indicate pregnancy:

  • general lethargy;
  • increased appetite;
  • weight gain;
  • increased urge to urinate.

Important! During pregnancy, you need to walk a lot with your dog. Otherwise, puppy birth will be difficult.

Pregnancy in pugs lasts a little over two months. During this time, the pet may develop toxicosis. At this time, you need to reduce the number of walks and ensure proper nutrition, excluding fish and meat. If the animal refuses to eat during the day, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Puppy Birth

A day before the birth of the puppies, the female begins to look for a secluded place and refuses to eat. It is necessary to prepare in advance the place where the birthing process will take place and the box for the puppies. As soon as the female has lost the water, labor begins.

If a person is not confident in his abilities, since childbirth in pugs is quite difficult, it is better to invite veterinarians. You also need to know that you will have to cut the umbilical cords, since pugs, due to the special structure of the jaw, cannot do this on their own.

In general, the pregnancy and puppy birth of a pug is a crucial period for both the dog and its owner. You need to take care of your pet’s health, provide her with the necessary amount of vitamins and useful elements, as well as regular long walks. Only in this way will the animal be able to quickly recover from the burden and restore its health.

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