Puppy Price: How Much Does a Komondor Dog Cost?

Name: Komondor
Other Names: Hungarian Shepherd, Hungarian Komondor, Hungarian Sheepdog, Mop Dog
Country of origin: Hungary
Dog size: Large breeds
Group: Breed of working dogs, dog wrapped breeds
Life span: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: gentle, calm, gentle, independent, fearless, steady
Height: Females: 64-69 cm; Males: 71-76 cm
Weight: Females: 40-50 kg; Males: 50-60 kg
Color: White
Puppies price: $800 – $1,200 USD
Hypoallergenic: NO

Komondor dogs. Average dog price: $1,000 USD

The Hungarian Shepherd Dog has a strong and at the same time beautiful body structure. Large, muscular with a developed bone structure, covered with thick white hair, the Hungarian Shepherd Dog lives on the street all year round. Her white coat helps her stay undetected by predators in a protected herd, and also perfectly protects the dog from bad weather. In fact, the Hungarian Shepherd Dog is a watchdog, not a shepherd, breed.

Cautious with strangers, loving, focused on protecting the family or flock of sheep, selfless, fearlessly rushing to protect the family and the flock. These qualities, combined with a love for family members, devotion, and fearlessness, make dogs of this breed one of the best family guards, vigilant shepherds, brave and loyal.

Bred to protect the Hungarian king’s livestock, these dogs today look a little unusual in the United States. Muscular, covered with dense hair that protects them from predators. But despite their huge size, they are not bulky, they are unusually fast, flexible, and lightweight. Fast as the wind, large, unique white fur – they make a unique positive impression. Extraordinarily brave, they seem to be born to protect sheep and other livestock from wolves, coyotes, wild dingo dogs, and thieves. Can any other dogs, without assistance or commands from the owner, be such a neat shepherd? An adult and experienced dog will be at the maximum allowable distance from an object in need of protection, be it a flock of sheep or family members, but at the same time, even during a hunt, the dog will be close enough to come to the rescue. The Hungarian Shepherd Dog behaves very quietly during observation, but at the same time constantly guards its object. With a herd of animals, children, or even a cat, the Hungarian Shepherd will be very happy to ensure their safety. As a pet, the shepherd will sit quietly in the room until it senses danger: then it will turn into a fearless tool to repel an attack or intrusion of intruders.

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