Ragdoll: Cat Breed Characteristics

The Ragdoll is a beautiful large cat with luxurious thick hair. She is delicate, calm, friendly, and selflessly devoted to her master.



Ragdoll cats are kind, loyal, and very intelligent creatures, they get along well in a family of all sizes. They are happy to get involved in games and entertainment while remaining playful into adulthood.

Females are noticeably smaller than males, this breed is distinguished by its large physique and the correct shape of the muzzle. The ears are medium in size, the neck is short, the tail is long and fluffy, the legs are also long and strong. With all this, Ragdolls retain the grace of lines and do not look overweight. There are many color options, with different blotches and shades. The average life expectancy is 15 years.


The Ragdoll cat has a very kind and peaceful character. These cute creatures are famous for their affectionate and calm nature, making them the perfect companion and pet for every family member. They get along with everyone and get inner satisfaction from being in a family environment.

At the same time, cats are quite playful, inquisitive, have a pronounced intelligence, and get along very well with children. In fact, it can be said that it is one of the best breeds for family life and friendship with children, with the exception of people with a pet hair allergy. After all, this is a semi-long-haired breed, which imposes some restrictions.

Plus, ragdoll cats are good for other pets, and dogs are no exception. Unless the dog behaves aggressively and unfriendly.

Ragdoll has an average level of activity that can increase or decrease, depending on the environment and the approach to this issue. They can learn to come to a call, are very obedient, and not very quiet, especially when it comes to food. Ragdoll is able to truly bond with his family.


A ragdoll cat needs careful grooming of its coat. In this matter, everything depends on the owner, since the breed itself is very beautiful, and this beauty must be constantly maintained. The cat needs constant brushing, especially during the molting period.

Also keep in mind that your upholstered furniture will accumulate wool, which means that you will not only monitor the cat, but also the cleanliness of the chairs and sofas. The undercoat is relatively small, which somewhat reduces the amount of hair shedding, but this is not the only thing to count on. Accept the fact that you will have to take care of your pet. Better to use the brush daily to avoid clumping.

Accordingly, you should not buy an animal for a child – such a responsibility may be too great for him. If you are not ready to do it yourself, it is better to buy a shorthaired cat.

Trimming nails (once a week), brushing your teeth (at least a couple of times a week), ears and eyes are mandatory rituals that must be strictly followed.

Interesting Facts

  • Ragdoll is rapidly gaining popularity. It is ranked second after the Bengal cat in the International Cat Association and sixth in the Cat Fanciers’ Association.
  • This cat breed is slow-growing, taking up to four years to reach full physical maturity.
  • Unlike many cats, Ragdoll doesn’t like being alone. If you are going to be away from the house for a long time, it is recommended that Ragdoll have another cat as company.
  • Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift are the proud owners of Ragdoll.
  • The Ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cats.

Conditions of detention

It should be noted that Ragdoll kittens improve later than representatives of other breeds. Physically, cats develop only by the age of three or four.

Ragdoll’s diet should be healthy and balanced. He eats a lot, but due to slow growth and development, he does not gain excess weight. Representatives of another breed are not inclined to be overweight.

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