Raising an English Bull Terrier

Finally, your long-awaited and precious, literally and figuratively, pet at home. Of course, you have been preparing for a long time and have thought everything thoroughly. And now the most important thing: how to educate and raise the ideal bull terrier?


English Bull Terrier Temperament

English Bull Terrier training

It is important to understand the characteristics of the temperament and behavior of the pet. What to expect from it? Where to be patient? Why not wait? And what needs special attention? The reputation of the Bull Terrier breed, unfortunately, is highly distorted, it is often presented as fighting, uncontrollable and aggressive.

As scientists noted, studying dog breeds, 20% of a dog’s temperament is inherited traits, and 80% depends on upbringing.

The breed is really serious and should be treated accordingly. Bull Terrier owners note that these dogs are gentle and kind towards people. They have high intelligence and they quickly recognize what the owner wants from them.

Pay close attention to what pets especially need, it is necessary for them to be confident and happy. They are very jealous and will not tolerate mistreatment, don’t even count on it. For example, it is absolutely forbidden to tease dogs.

IMPORTANT! Choose the games with your dog carefully so that he correctly evaluates them.

Bull Terriers can be guards, but that’s not their strong point. There can be a warm relationship with children, but it is better not to leave without control. An uncastrated male is more aggressive and can dominate neutered dogs. It is necessary to find an approach to this breed, it will not be possible to train at will, because it has its own adamant and arrogant temperament.

Raising Bull Terrier Puppies

There are several ways to influence the training process. One of them: praise and give a treat for correct performance.

Second: while giving a command, help in its implementation. For example, the command “sit!” accompanied by pressure on the croup. And, of course, you need to combine these methods.

IMPORTANT! At the training stage, the owner needs to be consistent, and not jump from command to command or from one task to another. MORE IMPORTANT: Don’t hurt your puppy!

Several main points:

Become the head for the bull terrier, otherwise, it will dominate, then you will get an uncontrollable dog.

Turn to learn into a game, as the stubborn cannot bear monotony.

The Bull Terrier is not a service dog, it is not worth demanding exceptional accuracy in the execution of the command. Sat down, well, thanks for that.

Beating and screaming will damage the subtle psyche of the puppy irrevocably. They are very intelligent and empathetic. A stern look, deprivation of tasty food or toys is enough, and the pet will understand everything.

Do not give up and praise your pet as much as possible.

If the dog forgot something, repeat. And follow the principle: from simple to complex.

Dogs have no memory to analyze the last actions: they perceive punishment or praise only for the last execution of the command.

IMPORTANT! In fact, you should not be engaged in training, but raising a pet.

What an Adult Bull Terrier Should Know and Be Able to Do

The requirements are as follows:

Definitely, an adult dog must understand who is the boss in the house, where it belongs, literally and figuratively.

Immediately respond to the name, know the household commands.

Be mentally resistant to loud sounds, be able to walk on a leash and next to the owner.

Be calm about the muzzle.

Do not rush or bark at people and other animals, passing vehicles, or playing children.

Should be able to calmly stay on a leash for a long time.

The breed is capable of mastering sports disciplines. If you set yourself such a goal, then instructors will explain the action plan to you at special sites.

English Bull Terrier Dog Handler Tips

There are programs for monthly education of a bull terrier. Experts advise contacting them in order to grow a pet in stages and without missing something important.

If you are a beginner in raising dogs in general, there was no practice of training in any breed, then do not start the practice of a dog breeder with a bull terrier. Of course, later you will still have to learn to educate this particular breed, but with training experience and advice from a dog handler, it will be easier.

Consider in your upbringing that the breed has a hierarchy. As soon as you scold children in its presence, it will immediately “put” them on the lower level after it.

Start serious education at 6 or even 8 months.

IMPORTANT! The Bull Terrier is a breed that can hate training. Your task is to prevent this from happening, so don’t start too early.

If you feel irritated during the upbringing process, it is better to stop.

You need a golden mean: without training and attention, the dog will be aggressive and uncontrollable, but if you “go too far”, the effect will be the same.

Be balanced, calm, and kind, then your pet will be the same. It will become a devoted companion and a good friend.

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