Red Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information

According to the standard, Doberman dogs can have several types of color. For people who are not too versed in cynology, the fact that these dogs can be not only black but brown and even blue will be a real discovery.

Can a Doberman be Red-haired?

Dogs with a similar shade of coat are more correctly called red. Of course, this is not the red that everyone thought of. It is a shade that is much closer to brown (red), discreet, and very aesthetic. It can include many shades, from light to dark, almost black with a copper sheen.

This color does not violate the norms established by the standard. Red Dobermans are allowed both to competitions and exhibitions and to breeding. When choosing such a puppy, you need to remember that there are no special requirements for the shade and its saturation. However, older dogs look best, with a color of medium intensity.

Important! Red Dobermans are no different from other representatives of their breed. Like the rest, they are smart, quick-witted, tough, and strong. Properly bred and trained can make excellent service and search dogs. They can become good and efficient athletes.

Other Colors

The black torso with tan markings on the chest, paws, and muzzle is considered a real classic. Some people cannot even imagine that the representatives of the German Doberman Pinscher breed can also be:

Black and brown. A feature of these dogs is the presence of tan markings in red.

Completely black. Any Doberman who “did not get” the substance responsible for the formation of areas of the coat with a different shade can be born without tan marks on the coat. Individuals with melanism are allowed for further breeding.

White. Albinos, in whatever breed they appear, can only be pitied. A genetic malfunction that leaves animals completely discolored not only changes their appearance, but also life in general. Such dogs are not allowed to breed, they get sick more often, live less, and have certain mental and behavioral problems.

Blue. Such puppies are born due to the activity of the recessive black gene. Most often, the appearance of such puppies in the litter upsets the breeders and sells blue babies for half, or even a third of the real price. You can buy such puppies, in other countries they are even allowed to participate in exhibitions, but they do not win prizes.

Spotted. Puppies born with white spots can be completely healthy, active, and friendly. But despite all their positive qualities, they will not be included in the herd book.

Whatever color the puppy you like is red, black, or even completely white, the main thing is that it fully meets your requirements and expectations. After all, even an animal that is completely non-standard and absolutely not suitable for any rules can sink into the soul. Anyone should have the right to a happy life.

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