Red Pomeranian Dog Breed Information

Miniature dogs – Pomeranians – always attract the close attention of others. They are very cute and beautiful, have a very compact size, and a cheerful, inquisitive disposition. However, this breed has a great deal of willfulness and the future owner should definitely study the characteristics of the breed before buying. You should also consider the colors of the coat laid according to the standard.

Pomeranians With Red Coat Color

The red color of the coat is the most common shade in this breed. We can say that the golden color of the hair is the hallmark of the Pomeranian. Most often you can find just such pets.

Important! The red color in Pomeranians is laid down in the genetic chain and some animals of other shades during the first puppy molt can fade to a golden hue.


Pomeranians often take on a golden or creamy coat. If you plan to participate in exhibitions or for an attractive appearance of a pet, you must regularly visit a groomer and monitor the condition of a miniature pet’s fur coat.

The woolen cover must be carefully combed, the presence of tangles and felted places is not allowed. The coat should be shiny and silky. This is largely influenced by the diet and lifestyle of the animal, but can also be impacted by shampoos and other beauty products.


As for the temperament, the red-haired Pomeranians are distinguished by their perky, cheerful disposition, very curious, and often capricious. From the first days in a new house, it is necessary to establish who is the boss in the house. Otherwise, the little dog will indulge in too much excess.

Important! To participate in exhibitions, you need to take classes with a handler so that the dog is obedient and does not bark at strangers for no reason. She must be socialized.

Is the Red Color in the Breed Standard?

The golden shade of the coat is the standard coat color for Pomeranian dogs. It is found most often, it can differ only in saturation. In older dogs, it may be noticeably dimmer than usual.

Pomeranians with red coats are available for selection work and actively participate in exhibitions, winning prizes. It is these Pomeranians that those around them are used to seeing most often.

In general, the red Pomeranian differs little from its congeners of rarer colors. He is also cheerful and inquisitive, with proper education, he will become an excellent companion, with whom it will be pleasant to walk and relax.

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