Rhodesian Ridgeback: Mating

The first estrus of a female Rhodesian Ridgeback occurs at 6 – 12 months. If your dog is not in heat before 1 year, you should contact your veterinarian.

If you decide to breed a female, it is better to wait until she is 2 – 2.5 years old. A couple of months before the intended mating, treat the dog from fleas and ticks, conduct deworming.

However, remember that pregnancy is not a health-improving event, but a huge burden on the body. Therefore, only perfectly healthy dogs are allowed for breeding.

Typically, the behavior of the dog before estrus changes. She becomes more playful and less obedient and may react aggressively to other females.

When in heat, use reliable walking gear with your Rhodesian Ridgeback to prevent the dog from twisting out of the collar or harness and running away. You don’t need any worries about adding puppies of unknown origin, do you?

Usually, in female Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the estrus interval is 7 – 8 months. Heat itself most often lasts 21 days, but variations from 9 days to 1 month are possible.

The pregnancy of a Rhodesian Ridgeback lasts from 57 to 63 days. The day before giving birth, the behavior of the dog changes: it worries, breathes heavily, tries to equip the nest.

Keep your veterinarian’s phone ready before your expected due date. Rhodesian Ridgebacks usually give birth normally, but in case of complications, everything you need should be at hand.

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