Rottweiler Puppy Price: How Much Does a Rottweiler Dog Cost?

Rottweilers have earned popularity around the world for their dedication, endurance, and excellent watchdog qualities. But you should know that this dog is not suitable for everyone. The character of a Rottweiler is multifaceted: he can be gullible and alert, friendly and aggressive, hardworking and lazy, contact and withdrawn, brave and careful, reckless and judicious, stubborn and flexible. Every Rottweiler is a personality, but a lot depends on your upbringing. Therefore, think before you get such a dog: will you have enough time, determination, and patience to properly raise your four-legged friend? In addition to its rather big height and weight, the Rottweiler has a strong and stubborn character: if not properly trained, it can grow aggressive. Any omissions during his socialization and training will resonate with you in the future.


How Much Does a Purebred Rottweiler Cost?

Name: Rottweiler
Other names: Rott, Rottie
Country of origin: Germany
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Working Dog Breed
Life span: 8 – 10 years
Temperament: Alert, Good-natured, Steadfast, Dedicated, Obedient, Self-confident, Courageous, Calm, Fearless, Confident
Height: Males: 61-68 cm; Females: 56-63 cm
Weight: Males: 43-59 kg; Females: 38-52 kg
Color: Tan-brown-tan, Black, Mahogany
The price of puppies: $1,000 to $8,000 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

The Rottweiler is physically strong, fast in movement, with powerful dynamics, and is one of the bravest and strongest dogs in the world. Dogs were used to guard cows, wise and strong, they are not difficult to breed. Nowadays, even critics consider these to be extremely valuable family dogs. The Rottweiler is a good dog, ready to attack an intruder. In order to get the dog to obey commands, breeders should strictly train them. In the Middle Ages, wealthy businessmen, to avoid being robbed, hung their wallets with money around their necks to the smartest Rottweiler dogs. This dog is characterized by a stable psyche and great emotionality, moreover, it can be a family companion.

The chest is voluminous, broad, and deep, reaching to the elbow, with a well-developed forechest and well-sprung ribs well sprung. The back is straight and strong. The loin is short, arched, and well-muscled. The croup is wide, of medium length, slightly sloping. The underside of a mature Rottweiler has a slightly retracted abdomen. Males should have two normal testicles correctly descended into the scrotum.

The Rottweiler is intelligent, with a balanced psyche, absolutely loyal to its owner, a dog who knows how to clearly distinguish between good and evil and obeying the commands of the owner. Recognizes a strong hand, is confident in himself. Having him is like seeing your family always there. He follows the owner everywhere, on the heels. As a rule, the Rottweiler is difficult to train, an adult dog is difficult to control, so training should be started from an early age. Abroad, there have even been recorded cases of attacks by Rottweilers on people. The stronger the hand and the more serious the training, the calmer and more submissive the Rottweiler is. The Rottweiler gets along well with children, loves to play with his little friends. Of course, it was the personality of the child and the temperament of the dog that matched each other so perfectly. But his attitude towards the offender is unambiguously aggressive, so they make excellent guard dogs.

Such qualities as a high degree of combat readiness, as well as the readiness to defend their territory and the defensive instinct of the Rottweiler, are at a significantly high level:

  • Warns of danger and protects objects;
  • in the defensive-defensive reaction, anger is moderate, the grip is strong, the struggle is energetic;
  • loyalty to the owner is expressed in the following: in the protection of the owner, in the execution of his commands, as well as in strong affection for him;
  • a high threshold of excitability: if the shepherd’s excitement lasts only for half an hour, then in dogs it lasts more than one hour;
  • desire to dominate, zealous owners. Rottweilers have a strong desire to dominate and appropriate; they can resist training if it seems too difficult to them;
  • concentration. Very focused on the goal, nothing can distract them from it;
  • in the past, taking part in the baiting of bears, over the years they acquired a strong and healthy body and a strong nervous system resistant to external stimuli;
  • during training, the formation of a conditioned reflex occurs slowly, but it is firmly fixed.

Rottweiler Dog Price: How Much Does a Rottweiler Puppy Cost?

The cost of a small Rottweiler depends on its class. Before you get yourself a baby, decide who you need him as. If your need is simply to have a loyal friend, then there is no point in overpaying. Those wishing to take part in the show will have to pay a large sum, and pets from the middle price category are suitable for breeding. The puppy can be purchased for:

$100 – $300 USD

These are pets most often without documents.

$400 – $900 USD

Dogs as pets with slight deviations from the breed standard.

$1,000 – $5,000 USD

Healthy animals with excellent pedigree, good heredity, ideal for breeding.

$ 5,000 – $8,000 USD

The best babies from the litter, reference rottweilers for participation in competitions.

Whichever category you choose, always get to know the puppy’s parents so you have an idea of how it will look in the future. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

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