Samoyed Dog: Mating

If you are the owner of a Samoyed girl, then you probably want your pet to bring you puppies. Our tips will help you avoid the problems and difficulties faced by aspiring Samoyed breeders.


Samoyed Dog in Estrus

The first estrus of a female Samoyed occurs at 6 – 12 months. As a rule, it takes place 2 times a year, duration: 7 – 28 days, and lasts from 7 to 28 days (on average, two weeks). At this time, the female can become pregnant.

The estrus takes place in three stages. Males become interested in “ladies” from the first day, but without reciprocity. At the second stage, the female perceives courtship favorably and is ready to mate. In the third stage, she again loses interest in the opposite sex.

Samoyed Pregnancy

Female Samoyeds are allowed to breed from 18 months, male – from 15 months.

“Pregnancy for health” is one of the most dangerous myths of many owners!

Pregnancy is always a lot of stress and stress on the immune system and internal organs. Therefore, only a perfectly healthy dog ​​should give birth.

Typically, a Samoyed pregnancy lasts 63 days. The maximum spread is from 53 to 71 days, in which case the puppies are viable.

During pregnancy, the Female Samoyed should move, but avoid overwork, stress and do not leave the dog in a cramped, noisy room.

Monitor the condition of the expectant mother. If she refuses to eat, has a fever, or has discharge from the genitals, see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

In the 2nd half of pregnancy, slight mucous discharge is possible. When the discharge becomes abundant, greenish or yellowish, it means that a significant event is near. 1 – 2 days before giving birth, the female begins to whine, worry, lick the genitals, scratch the floor. Breathing, pulse, and urination increase. Samoyed refuses food and is constantly thirsty.

Samoyed Fake Pregnancy

False pregnancy is common in all dogs, and Samoyeds are no exception. This is the name of the condition of a bitch that has not been fertilized, but there are signs of pregnancy. The dog equips the “nest”, can experience something similar during the fights.

Sterilization reduces the likelihood of a false pregnancy.

What to Do with a False Pregnancy in a Samoyed?

  • Remove toys.
  • Avoid licking the nipples – this will increase the manifestations of false pregnancy. This can be prevented by wearing a blanket or collar on the dog.
  • Limit your protein intake.

If a Samoyed is showing aggression, agitation, or physical problems (such as mastitis), you should contact your veterinarian.

False pregnancy can be a symptom of a disease (hypothyroidism or liver dysfunction).

If false pregnancy manifests itself often and strongly, you should contact the clinic. Most likely, your Samoyed will have to donate blood for biochemistry and hormones.

Samoyed Birth

Prepare everything you need in advance. The room should be warm, ventilated, and calm. You can move the Samoyed to this room a week before the expected birth, so the expectant mother will get used to the place.

What you need for puppies birth:

  • A box for newborns (or a special bed, which is available for sale).
  • Infrared heating lamp.
  • Disposable diapers.
  • Heating pad (or a bottle of warm water).
  • Cotton wool.
  • Cotton fabric.
  • Towels (one per puppy)
  • Hand washes.
  • Thermometer.
  • Bottle, nipples.
  • Milk substitute.
  • Collar (put it on the dog in advance), muzzle, leash.
  • Glucose solution.

The veterinarian’s phone number should be at hand!

Each puppy is born in afterbirth – this is a kind of “packaging”, a transparent film. As a rule, the bitch itself tears and eats the afterbirth. But if the afterbirth with a putrid smell is greenish-black in color, do not allow the dog to eat it!

The number of placentas should be equal to the number of puppies. It is important. If the afterbirth remains inside and does not come out until the end of labor, it can cause metritis (inflammation).

If in doubt, the dog should be taken for an ultrasound scan.

It is possible to intervene in the process only when the mother behaves inappropriately (attacks the puppies or ignores them).

Something Went Wrong…

If a Samoyed bitch attacks newborns, she needs to muzzle and carry away each puppy so that she does not hear their squeak. Remove the afterbirth, wipe the puppy with a towel, remove mucus from the nostrils and mouth (with a syringe).

See your veterinarian or an experienced breeder as soon as possible for advice on how to proceed.

Whatever happens, even if the mother eats all the babies, don’t blame her. Having the puppies was your idea and it was you who made the bitch give birth. She does not understand what she is doing, hormonal disruptions and shock force her to behave in a completely unusual way.

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  1. I live in the USA, where do you find a reputable breeder to get one of these puppies? I have followed posts from Australia. and Hawaii. Any suggestions?

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