Sheltie: Coat Colors

Shelties, in whose veins the blood of well-known border collies and cavalier king Charles flows, simply cannot but attract attention. They stand out both for their intelligence and ingenuity, and for their interesting exterior. In addition, due to the variety of colors, these pets can look different.

Sheltie Colors

According to the standard of appearance established for this breed, the colors allowed for them are:

Black; black and white. The most common varieties. Such Shelties look very attractive and impressive. At exhibitions, they take prizes, as they favorably emphasize all exterior features.

Sable. Includes a wide variety of colors. It can be either mahogany or lighter golden. A distinctive feature of this color is the presence of a dark cap on the head of the animal. The presence of a small number of black hairs is allowed, they do not confuse the overall picture.

Tricolor. Includes red and tan, white and black. The result is a spectacular contrasting color. Puppies born with this color remain that way throughout their life.

Marble. The most fun and unusual option. Combines light and dark colors. Most often it is white or blue with black or close to it. Marks on the coat resemble blots, stripes. If white markings are present, the color takes on the name blue merle. The main part of the integumentary hair in it is light, only the tips are dark.

Sometimes you can find not quite standard colors. Such dogs are not entered in the breed register, are not registered for participation in dog shows. But that doesn’t stop them from looking just great. It’s about a combination of sable and blue merle. There is also a variety of white merle. Such dogs are distinguished by their white coat with a marble pattern.

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