Sheltie: Grooming and Haircut

Sheltie is a world-famous breed of dog, which in the past belonged to the category of herding dogs. Today these are exclusively pets, which can be attracted, perhaps, to the care and rehabilitation of sick people. Basically, dogs of this breed are taken to homes in which families with a large number of small children live. In such an environment, these shepherd dogs feel the most confident and comfortable. They love the Shelties and have an active time. But with all this, they, like other pets, need some home care. So, they need grooming and regular hygienic hair care.

Features of Sheltie Grooming

Standard representatives of the breed have long hair with a fluffy undercoat. You can sometimes find short-haired dogs resembling Shelties, but they have nothing to do with the standard and pure breed. Purebred dogs have a well-developed guard coat. It is hard and dense to the touch. It is thanks to this feature that it is practically not subject to the formation of tangles and creases. However, patches of matted hair can sometimes be found on the chest and around the ears. These parts of the pet’s body need to be given special attention.

Important! To keep the dog looking attractive, it needs to be brushed weekly. This should be done especially carefully and often during the period of abundant molting, in summer. It is recommended to bathe the Shetland Sheepdog no more than several times a year.

Grooming includes a full range of grooming procedures. So, at one time, the dog’s ears, eyes, teeth are cleaned, claws are trimmed, combed out. If the time is right, the wool is washed and then sheared. Hygienic and exhibition haircuts can be done both at home and with the help of a professional.

Usually, a haircut does not take much time, since there are no special requirements for the shape of the dog’s hairstyle. Growing back, it acquires the correct shape by itself. The hygienic procedure involves cutting the hair between the fingers, in the auricles, in the reproductive area. Sheltie nails are trimmed every two months. Teeth are usually cleaned of plaque 1-2 times a week.

If the Shetland Sheepdog is well and regularly looked after, it will retain its attractive appearance until old age. As the dog begins to age, it may develop problems with its teeth and hair.

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