Siberian Huskies: Weight and Height

The correct ratio of height to weight is of particular importance for Siberian Husky dogs. If a four-legged friend of a person suffers from being overweight, then he will not be able to fulfill his basic work duties. The same applies to dogs whose weight does not reach the norm. In addition, a lack of height and weight may indicate that the dog is sick. He/she may not be allowed to further pedigree breeding and participation in the exhibition.


How Siberian Husky Grows

The weight of a newborn puppy does not exceed 500 g. Usually, the bodyweight of babies depends on how numerous the litter was, how the mother ate during pregnancy. In the first month of life, the puppy gains up to 3 kg of weight, after another month the body weight can increase 2 times. At the same time, the growth at the withers reaches 30 cm.

At the age of two months, the puppy can already move to its new home with the owner. From this moment on, the responsibility for the growth and development of the pet completely falls on the shoulders of the person. It is necessary to measure the height at the withers and weigh the pet several times a month. It is necessary to ensure that the puppy meets the following parameters:

At 3 months, the weight can already reach 12 kg, the approximate height is 40 cm;

The period from 4 to 6 months is marked by a rapid gain in mass and size. The increase in parameters occurs almost daily. So, at 4 months, the puppy already weighs 14 kg, the height at the withers can reach 50 cm. At the age of six months, the growing dog is quite capable of “eating” 21 kg. At the same time, his growth increases by 3-4 cm.

From 7 to 9 months old, the husky can be considered a teenager. Outwardly, the pet is already quite capable of passing for an adult dog. At the same time, the height at the withers reaches 55-58 cm. The body weight gain slows down a little. It can hang at 22-24.5kg.

In the period from 10 to 12 months, the Siberian husky begins to form, build muscle mass. His physique becomes more harmonious, muscular. At this age, weight usually varies within 25 kg, the height reaches 60 cm.

After the dog is one year old, its formation is still continuing. It will be completed only by the age of three.

Important! The parameters of an adult Siberian Husky depend on his gender. So, the height of the male is usually 62 cm, weight – 28 kg. Females are much more graceful. Their weight can range from 15 to 22 kg, the minimum permissible height is 50 cm.

What Can Affect the Height and Weight of the Husky?

In most cases, the development of a dog depends on the following factors:

Genetics. Heredity determines the height and weight of the puppy in the future.

Breeder competence. In a good kennel, puppies are always plumper and healthier. A competent owner monitors the health of the pregnant female and how the puppies will eat after they stop feeding on breast milk.

The quality of the food. How the puppy will eat has an impact on his entire future life and health.

Maintenance. It is important to take into account that it is better in height and weight to gain by dogs that are kept outdoors.

Physical activity. A dog with well-developed muscles will always be much larger than pets that are not engaged in physical development.

An important influence on the development of Siberian huskies is exerted by the diseases they endured. Dogs that are exposed to viruses and infections in childhood develop much worse than their healthy counterparts.

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