Snowball From “The Simpsons”: Everything You Need to Know About

Many iconic series families have funny pets. The Simpsons characters from the night before are no exception. While Bart Simpson has the dog, Knecht Ruprecht, by his side, Lisa Simpson is a happy cat owner. What makes the Simpsons’ cat and why there are now five animals with the name Snowball in the ancestral line can be found out below.

Snowball the Cat From the Simpsons

  • If you are wondering “What is the name of the Simpsons cat?”, The name is Snowball Simpson.
  • There are several Snowball versions that are very similar except for differences in the color of the fur.
  • Cats are a versatile topic at the Simpsons as the crazy cat lady the Simpsons prove.
  • In addition, the Simpsons have cat and mouse as a funny cartoon duo on TV in the form of “Itchy & Scratchy”.

The Simpsons Cat: A Recurring Name

Lisa is the highly intelligent daughter of Marge and Homer Simpson. She is the owner of Snowball, the Simpsons’ cat. First of all, Snowball is a white-furry house tiger. This is where the name Snowball comes from. She has green eyes and lives with the family for two years before she is run over by a relative of the mayor’s.

Then Snowball II comes into the family’s lap. This cat has black fur but is given the same name in memory of its predecessor. After her death, a “red-haired” Snowball III appears on the scene, which is replaced a little later by Coltrane (Snowball IV). This cat has white fur again and looks a little like Lisa’s brother Bart. The last pet in this series of snowballs is again called Snowball II. The reason for this is that the family wants to save money for a new pet bowl. Unfortunately, your breed never becomes a topic of conversation, but all cats look confusingly alike. However, the gender appears to be feminine.

Characteristics of Samson’s Cat

  • Snowball I to V are friends with Knecht Ruprecht, the Simpsons dog. For example, they watch the television series “Lassie” together in one episode.
  • Snowball II likes to eat beetles all day long.
  • Snowball IV (formerly Coltrane) apparently didn’t like jazz or Lisa’s music in general. She threw herself out the window to her death when Lisa played her something by John Coltrane – the jazz musician.

The role within the series

Snowball is the Simpsons family cat. However, when she is brought up for discussion, she is referred to as Lisa’s pet. In contrast to the Simpson Dog, Snowball is more of a supportive character who likes to be replaced every now and then.

Conclusion: a Kitten With Many Lives

Snowball is a cat that has had many lives under its belt. Whether as a white, black, or red velvet paw, it always comes into the Simpsons’ household. Even if many snowballs don’t stay longer than two years, the pet is quite entertaining. Especially in combination with Knecht Ruprecht, when the two of them watch TV together or are encouraged to perform new outrages by Bart, the cat makes the audience laugh.

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