Sphynx: Cat Breed Characteristics

The Canadian Sphynx is a pet that leaves no one indifferent due to its unusual appearance. Someone considers them unpleasant and even repulsive, while someone simply does not like the soul in these “unearthly” creatures.


It is impossible to treat Sphynx cats indifferently: they are either loved or not understood. But, in spite of everything, they are an example of intelligence, devotion, and independence. At the same time, the cat of this breed also respects its owner, trying to completely seize his attention.

Sphynx are very intelligent and trainable. It is believed that these cats easily learn commands and understand the owner perfectly. But at the same time, they have their own character and it is not just that, for the show, to carry out commands from someone’s whim. These cats are kind and affectionate, they are not characterized by fear and anger. However, they demand the same attitude towards themselves. You cannot shout at the Sphinx and raise your voice. He will not only not understand what you want from him, but he can get psychological trauma.

Sphynx reacts calmly to other animals in the family. Due to the fact that they do not have a sense of fear, these cats easily get along even with large dogs. Another distinctive quality of the sphinxes is the manner in which they communicate with children. Cats are ready to play, wallow, run with a child – in a word, an excellent nanny who will never scratch or bite: the sphinx has no sense of aggression. Mentally unstable individuals were discarded from breeding throughout the breed’s half-century history.


Sphinx is very sensitive to low temperatures and drafts. At indoor temperatures below 20 degrees, it is recommended to dress the cat in a sweater or warm. In winter, you can also insulate your cat’s house.

The lack of hair affected the sweating of cats. Sebaceous glands throughout the body of the animal secrete sweat, which, mixed with dust and dirt, can provoke the development of skin diseases. As a result, it is recommended to bathe the cat regularly: once every 7-10 days with a special shampoo. After this, the pet must be wrapped in a warm towel so that it does not freeze.

Conditions of detention

Sphynxes are absolutely domestic cats that are not adapted for the outdoors, especially for independent walks.

One of the favorite activities of a bald cat is to bask on a windowsill in the sun or near a radiator. However, the owner must be very careful: these cats are easy to get burned, especially when they are in the sun.

The best physical activity of the Sphynx is games, the cat will be happy with many toys, labyrinths, and a multi-tiered house with interesting designs. So the pet will be able to occupy itself in the absence of household members.

Sphynxes have a good appetite, so you need to feed them with high-quality feed, as well as monitor them and the calorie content of the diet.

How to choose a kitten

The main advice is the same for all pedigree animals: do not try to save money on a purchase by responding to a random ad. Only the best reputable kennels and breeders will ensure that you get a healthy pet, of which there is no doubt about the origin. After all, the Canadian Sphynx is not just a lack of fur, a spacious, beautifully built, affectionate and intelligent creature that will live next to you for the next several years.

If you do not plan to participate in exhibitions, it is enough to make sure that the chosen baby is healthy and active, easy to contact with a person, does not show fear or aggression. The rest will be prompted by the source documents (pedigree, veterinarian’s conclusion, vaccination card). We recommend that you get to know the parents and look at the conditions of detention – they will say a lot about the breeder to the cats.

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