Sweet Snack: Are Nectarines Healthy Or Not For Dogs?

Most dogs like sweet, juicy nectarines. But be careful: the delicious fruits may only be fed to the four-legged friend when they are ripe and pitted. Immature nectarines and solid stones can lead to gastrointestinal complaints.

Dogs and Nectarines: Yes, That Works!

The nectarine is a stone fruit that is closely related to the peach. In contrast to peaches, however, nectarines have smooth skin. Inside the ripe, sweet fruits are many nutrients that are healthy for dogs. Therefore, the same applies to the delicious fruits as to peaches: you can feed your dog this fruit every now and then without any worries.

These nutrients make nectarines so healthy for dogs:

  • Vitamin A for healthy skin and a beautiful coat;
  • Iron is vital for the blood, muscles, and liver;
  • Calcium ensures healthy teeth and bones;
  • The trace element potassium is required for healthy cells, muscles, and nerves;
  • Vitamin C strengthens the dog’s immune defense;
  • Magnesium is important for muscle and nerve function;
  • Sodium brings the fluid balance into balance;
  • Beta-carotene contributes to a healthy metabolism in the animal.

Caution, Hydrogen Cyanide: Nectarines Only Without Stones

As with peaches and other stone fruits, the core of the nectarine also contains poisonous hydrogen cyanide. Therefore, only feed the fruit without the seeds, so that there is no risk of poisoning for your dog.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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