An extremely, extremely interesting life form. Tiny transparent ants living in Australia and the United States build their nests in the roots of trees. But only those of them who were unlucky enough to meet a large mammal, such as a human, on their way. If happiness smiled, then they line up in a wedge and set off on a journey along the leg of the person they met, resolutely climbing higher and higher until they reach the anus. Having sung order for the sake of “The whole world is in the palm of your hand, you are happy and mute”, the termite ghost dives into this cozy, deliciously smelling cave and begins to settle down. From the rectum of some of the victims, termite mounds were removed, weighing one and a half to two kilograms, with the number of inhabitants exceeding twenty to thirty thousand individuals. What they all eat there, I think, is not necessary to explain – something else is interesting. How did termite victims manage for years not to see doctors when it is known that the main symptom of termite infestation is “intolerable, burning itching in the anus”?

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