The 15 Cutest Pekingese Currently Online

It is one of several breeds created for the ruling classes of ancient China. Pekingese are adorable, confident dogs that develop a close bond with their loved ones. Raised to live in palaces, they can be as serene as the emperors to whom they belonged.

#1 He may look funny, but the Pekingese is a serious character, tougher and more daring than his appearance suggests.

#2 The regal dignity, self-esteem, confidence and stubbornness of the Pekingese fit into a lively and good-natured dog that respects the owner.

#3 He staunchly protects people, barks in warning when strangers appear.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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