The 17 Cutest Golden Retrievers Currently Online

#10 Kind, affectionate, intelligent

Any dog is the best, real friend! Although they do not speak, you can understand everything by looking into their eyes!

#11 Friendly, affectionate, smart

Experience has shown that the Golden Retriever is the best dog.

Incredibly beautiful and intelligent. Easily gets along with all family members. But the main thing is that having chosen an unspoken leader for oneself, the leader does not ignore others, and even more so the little ones.

The psyche is stable, although it growls at times during the game, it does not show aggression.

Remembers commands within minutes.

The temperament is wonderful. There is a time for rest, there is a time for active play.

Loves to eat very much. You can say hungry all the time. He can even steal food, but he understands everything perfectly and does not repeat mistakes.

Loves to walk, washes well love to be combed. Very friendly energizer.

#12 Suitable also for a beginner

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