Turkish Angora – Description of the Cat Breed

The Turkish Angora is one of the world’s oldest aboriginal breeds. It is a graceful and sociable cat with long silky hair.


Cats of this breed are very curious and active. They seem to be in motion all the time. At the same time, they do not mindlessly rush around the house, jumping on everything in a row, but gracefully move, as if dancing. It is a real pleasure to observe these elegant animals.

Turkish Angoras are monogamous. They become attached to one person and happily communicate with him. These unambiguously hold leading positions, which in terms of the level of noise generated, can hardly be compared with the Siamese positions.

Angora does not like to sit in their hands. As befits independent and self-sufficient cats, they come for their portion of affection when they want it, and not the owner. Then they gladly let themselves be stroked, even as an exception to sit on their knees, and then go on to go about their business.

In general, Turkish Angoras feel much more comfortable alone with the owner. Therefore, they are considered to be excellent companions for single people.

Cats of this breed love to play. If they are not busy exploring at home, then they are probably driving some kind of toy. Angora welcomes any opportunity to play, especially with the owner. If he hides the toy or puts it in a hard-to-reach place, the cat will show wonders of ingenuity and stubbornness in trying to get his trophy. However, she will not calm down until the toy is again with her.

The Turkish Angora does not tolerate loneliness very well. And, if the owner knows in advance that he should think about purchasing a second cat, which will be just as active and will be able to provide the Turkish Angora with capital communication.

Many owners of cats of this breed are surprised to find that their pets enjoy swimming in the water. They swim well and have absolutely no fear of this element. But it is worth that, although this is typical of most Turkish Angora, there is an exception.


These cats do not have the fluffy undercoat of the longhaired breeds. Therefore, their coat does not require any complex care and significant effort. It is enough to brush the cat once a week.

In addition, Turkish Angoras are very clean and bathing is optional. But if the cat loves water, then it can settle itself in the sink or in the bath, especially in hot weather.

Conditions of detention

Turkish Angoras are very active. In addition, they adore height and jump well. This is why they need their own specially equipped space in the house where they can climb, jump and play. Otherwise, they will use the furniture and all the surfaces they have.

These cats should have toys to hunt with pleasure. They tend to like furry toy replicas of real mice the most. And if the mouse runs on batteries and runs like a real one, there will be no limit to the cat’s delight. In short, the main task of the owner is to provide the cat with the required level of activity. Then she will be calm and affectionate.

How to choose a kitten

If you want to buy a healthy kitten that really belongs to the Angora breed, contact only specialized catteries. Be sure to check the parentage of the parents. For snow-white kittens, a queue of buyers is lined up a few months before the next litter is born. If you want a furry friend before, check out the other colors of the Turkish Angora. The kitten must confidently stand on its feet, be accustomed to food. Healthy animals are playful, although cautious, do not have creases in areas of matted fur.

Recommended nutrition

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