Weimaraner: Personality & Temperament

Energetic, loving Weimaraners are excellent companions and watchmen. With the right upbringing, directing their energy in the right direction, representatives of the breed can become athletes, hunters.

Aristocratic dogs require attention. They are one of those dogs that are dependent on communication with a person, although they are sometimes stubborn, they love to spend time with family members and delight the owner.


Weimaraner and Family Members

Loyal and friendly by nature, Weimaraners are very attached to their owner and family members. They treat those who are considered a member of the pack with tenderness and love. Children are treated well, but they can be too energetic and playful for small children who are unable to stand firmly on their feet, have no strength in their hands.

It is important for the Weimaraner to feel like a member of the family, he will happily participate in joint family affairs, for example, if a trip by car is to come, the dog will already be waiting inside the car, if you just lie on the couch, then the animal will settle down next to it, and at its feet or so so that you can touch the owner.

An animal is often smarter than its owner, showing cunning when he wants to be in the spotlight and, not missing the chance to feel like a leader. The manifestation of dominance is a distinctive feature of the Weimaraner character. Therefore, in order to raise an obedient pet, you cannot allow him to feel like the main one in the family.

Representatives of the breed require a lot of attention, they need to communicate with a person. In addition, they have a high level of energy that they need to release. This requires daily walks with physical activity, games. Young dogs under 2 years of age are especially energetic.

Representatives of the breed will not sit quietly in a corner, expecting to be played with. Bored, deprived of an active life, pets will be mischievous, break objects in the house, gnaw furniture, pull food off the table, constantly bark, and make attempts to escape. Therefore, Weimaraners are not suitable for inactive and not ready to devote time to dogs for people.

By the way, the energetic and freedom-loving nature of the Weimaraners are not very suitable for living in an apartment, they value space and comfort. If allowed, they will prefer to relax on the couch or sleep in the same bed with the owner, lying by the fireplace or buried in pillows.

Weimaraner and Strangers

A valuable trait of the Weimaraner is fearlessness, thanks to which the dog can become an excellent watchdog. The animal will not show uncontrolled aggression by immediately attacking strangers.

The breed is suspicious of strangers, although unsocialized dogs may be afraid of strangers. The pet will warn you about approaching strangers by barking. By the way, representatives of the breed love to bark.

Weimaraner and Other Animals

Weimaraners are comfortable with other dogs and small animals they grew up with. To other people’s dogs, it happens and to those with whom they live together, they can show dominance. New dogs in the home can be jealous.

As a hunting dog, it will not tolerate the presence of small animals on its territory, for example, other people’s cats. The prey instinct will lead the dog, as a result of the invading animals, at best, persecution, and at worst, a sad end awaits. It is worth noting that the prey instinct can be developed to varying degrees.

Representatives of the breed are observant and tend to copy the behavior of other dogs, so if there is another dog in the house that is not distinguished by obedience, then the Weimaraner will behave in the same way, copying its behavior.

Weimaraner’s Obedience

Smart Weimaraners are capable of learning, but only if they are well treated, interesting activities, praise, and rewards. It is better to start learning from a very early age. As a puppy, a Weimaraner must learn to understand what he is allowed to do and what is not.

Representatives of the breed are stubborn, which, together with a tendency to dominate, complicates training. Therefore, the owner must show patience, clarity, and consistency in training, showing that he is the leader. With the right approach, the animal will do anything to please the owner. It will be difficult for inexperienced dog breeders to control the pet.

Sensitive Weimaraners do not tolerate rudeness in their address, any punishment can undermine the dog’s confidence in the owner. If there is no longer trust in the owner, it is impossible to change the attitude of the animal.

And Other..

Weimaraners can easily plan their escape, for example, if they are caught in an aviary or in a room, they are able to guess how to open the door – remove the latch, turn the doorknob. These smart dogs can learn a lot, such as how to dry their feet before entering the house after a walk, turn on the tap on their own to drink water.

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