Well Bred Dogs

Of course, every dog ​​owner has his own idea of ​​what a well-bred dog is, and, of course, has the right to do so. Why? Because half of its life, or even more, the dog spends in the apartment or in the house of its owner as a family member in every sense of the word.

And what is allowed to the dog is a private matter of both the owner and family members and the dog. Someone allows the dog to climb onto sofas and armchairs and beg from the table, someone sleeps with the dog or puts up with the fact that the dog “kills” newly acquired slippers.

So, there are obligatory requirements that make a dog well-bred, and there are not very obligatory requirements, as they say, “for an amateur”.

First of all, a well-mannered dog does not bark a lot on the street, and even fewer howls. A well-bred dog does not impose its society on either two-legged or four-legged neighbors in the settlement – neither aggressive nor loving. A well-bred dog should be indifferent to all strangers. A well-bred dog should be able to wear a muzzle and still wear it. A well-bred dog does not allow himself to defecate on the sidewalk but uses exclusively the lawn. And this is an obligatory minimum.

An optional maximum is for the dog to obey its owner and, well, family members, that is, to be controlled. True, for this, the dog needs to be trained. A well-bred dog knows how to walk on a leash: it does not pull, does not tug, does not confuse, does not drop the owner, and does not get entangled itself. A well-bred dog does not eat food and near-food products from the ground. A well-bred dog is not afraid of public transport and knows how to use it. A well-bred dog does not bite the owner and his family members, does not destroy the apartment, does not send its natural needs in the apartment, does not tear clothes and gnaws on shoes, does not beg from the table, does not stain bedding, does not jump with dirty paws on those who come, does not slobber and does not bark or howl, remaining alone for hours. And a completely educated dog knows how to quietly sit in a dog cage.

I hope the dogs agree with that.

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