What Are Dogs Scared Of: Fears and Phobias

Dogs, like humans, have their own fears and phobias. We have collected the most typical ones in this article. After all, to help your pet cope with fear, you first need to understand what exactly it is afraid of.


Why Are Dogs Scared of Thunder?

Astraphobia, or fear of thunder, is very common among dogs. Some dogs begin to tremble during a thunderstorm, and some will hide, bark, howl, or even go to the toilet out of fear.

However, dogs with astraphobia may not be afraid of other loud sounds. Although usually, nevertheless, this fear in dogs extends to all loud and unexpected sounds, and not just to the sounds of a thunderstorm.

Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks?

This is also a very popular problem. Here, in addition to loud noises, the dog is frightened by unexpected flashes of light. If the fireworks start during a walk, the pet can get so scared that it will run away from the owner and get lost. Therefore, it is very important to avoid such situations: if fireworks are launched near you, try to get the dog away from it as soon as possible, to a quiet and safe place.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog is afraid of being at home alone, it means he has separation anxiety. As a rule, this manifests itself in bad behavior (non-stop barking or howling, gnawing furniture or things of the owner, etc.), which begins as soon as the owner walks out the door.

Fear of Veterinary Clinics

Often, dogs are afraid of going to the veterinary clinic, because they remember that usually some unpleasant and incomprehensible manipulations are performed with them there – they give injections, measure the temperature, etc. In addition, there are many new, strange smells and other animals in clinics. who are also afraid. Dogs feel it and, of course, do not want to come to such a scary place anymore.

In order to rid the dog of this fear, try to go to the veterinary clinic several times just like that, without visiting the doctor himself. Sit in the hallway, praise and treat your dog if he is calm. Perhaps, after a few such visits, your pet will no longer be so scared.

Dog Suddenly Scared of Car Rides

If your pet has never ridden in a car, then the first trip may cause him fear. To prevent this from happening, you need to properly train the dog to ride in transport.

Fear of Certain Items

Some dogs have a fear of a certain object: a vacuum cleaner, children’s toys, party decorations, etc. And often the easiest and quickest solution to such a problem is simply to move the object away from the dog.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. For example, if your dog is afraid of a vacuum cleaner, then you will have to gradually accustom him to it so that during each cleaning he does not go crazy with fear.

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