What Makes Up the Price of a Spinone Italiano

If you want a dog of this particular breed, and the budget is limited, then you should know the price of Italiano Spinone puppies in advance, even before they are born. You may have to give up the idea of ​​buying an Italiano Spinone because puppies of this breed are expensive.

Italiano Spinone

The rarity of the breed also affects the overall price of the Italiano Spinone. The breed is not as common as the popular Labradors, Yorkshire Terriers, and other breeds, and therefore the cost is high. And it’s hard to find a dog. The acquired dogs are often prepared only for exhibitions, without developing their working qualities.

The average price for Spinone Italiano puppies is $1000-$1200USD. Show-class puppies are more expensive – about $1800USD.

Apart from the total cost of a breeding puppy, the costs of it don’t end there. It can take about $100-$200USD a month to keep a dog, this includes feeding, veterinary services, and with possible exhibitions and preparations for competitions, the costs increase.

What Determines the price of Spinone Italiano puppies?

The total cost includes the costs of the breeder associated with the appearance of puppies, up to the organization of mating to the birth of the litter.

After successful mating, the breeder takes care of the female with puppies for two months, providing the proper care and feeding necessary for the normal development of the babies. After birth, puppies require increased attention. From a certain moment, they are transferred to natural high-quality products, every day, several times a day, they are cleaned up after them, investing not only physical labor but also moral labor. That said, you still need to keep a nursing female. Considering that the dog is large, then the daily feed intake is appropriate. Unlike small breeds, Spinone requires several times more food, which requires more money to buy. Then comes the moment of vaccination, branding, registration, and this also requires money.

In addition, the exterior of the baby is taken into account. Wanting to buy a Spinone Italiano with excellent exterior qualities, excellent health, prospects for the future, you need to be prepared for the fact that such puppies cannot be cheap.

According to statistics, working dogs are more expensive than companion dogs, and show dogs are more expensive than working dogs.

Gender shouldn’t really matter, although some breeders emphasize it. Color, flaws determine the puppy’s belonging to a certain class. The less the baby meets the breed standard, the lower its cost.

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