What to Do if Your Pug’s Eyes Fester?

Pugs are very attractive, compact, adorable-looking pets that always attract the eye on a walk. They are distinguished by good health and adapt well to almost any environment, however, there are a number of breed problems that can darken the life of an active, playful pet. One of these diseases is the pug’s eyes festering. Large, convex, they are the weak point of the representatives of this breed.


Pug Eyes

Big round, always a little watery, but always playful and lively eyes of pugs, always draw attention to them. The owners of this breed literally fall in love with them and can no longer live without this look.

Important! Due to its special position, the pug’s eyes are constantly in need of care. The owner of the dog will have to regularly wipe them with special lotions, and also make sure that the pet does not damage them while walking.

Even a harmless hit under the eyelid of a dry blade of grass or a small injection to a branch of a bush can lead to pore and further eye disease. Moreover, pugs are quite clumsy and often, in their active games, they may not notice obstacles in the form of a large bush growing in its path.

In normal conditions, the eyes of the pet are clear, moderately watery, and not prone to redness. Any deviation from the generally accepted norm should serve as a wake-up call for the dog owner and become a reason for contacting a veterinary clinic.

Eyes – as the Most Vulnerable Spot of Pugs

Due to the special structure of the skull, the flattened muzzle, and the eyes are slightly protruding, the animal’s organ of vision is always very susceptible to various mechanical damage and the ingress of foreign objects. This point must always be considered when choosing a pet.

Important! Daily muzzle care is required for all breeds with a flattened skull structure. The manipulations are not too difficult, anyone can handle them.

Why Can a Pug’s Eyes Fester?

The eyes are an important organ of any living being. To avoid decay in a pug, it is necessary to choose walking areas with soft grass, without rough trees and shrubs, the branches of which can harm the dog. You should also regularly remove dirt and carry out preventive wiping with a special lotion.

However, even such manipulations do not guarantee the absence of diseases throughout the life of a pet. It often happens that suppuration appears in the eyes of the dog. And in this case, you should not hesitate, you need to immediately contact the veterinarian in order to exclude the growth of the inflammatory process or the ingress of harmful microflora.

How to Solve the Problem?

If suppuration nevertheless appears, despite the efforts of the owner and the prevention of eye diseases, only a veterinarian can prescribe adequate and timely treatment. You need to get to the appointment as early as possible until the disease is complicated by an additional infection.

If the owner noticed a discharge from the eyes in his dog, you can take the following measures:

  • with a sponge soaked in saline, previously well wrung out, remove all mucus and crusts from the eyes that contribute to sticking;
  • drip drops;
  • after 10 minutes put tetracycline ointment.

Such manipulations should be carried out three times a day for 3 to 4 days. If this does not allow you to get rid of the disease, you need to urgently contact your veterinarian. Perhaps the problem goes deeper than simple contamination.


The owner must take responsibility for the health of his pet. To do this, it is imperative to carry out a preventive eye examination, preferably in the morning. Do not walk in areas with tall grass and tough bushes. Avoid injury and fights with other dogs on the court. And also in a timely manner to carry out a hygienic shearing of nails, to prevent the ingress of cosmetics during washing, and to exclude the stay of the animal in drafts.

Observing all the measures for the prevention of eye diseases in pugs, you can be confident in the health of your pet. But no one can feel complete protection from injury. Therefore, the health of the dog must be carefully monitored.

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