What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

What a pity that our pets cannot speak and cannot explain in words what they want. But for a good owner, this is not a problem, because if you carefully observe the behavior of your pet, then a lot becomes clear without words.

What actions of the dog can be used to understand what it wants at the moment? We have collected some of the most common signals that pets usually give to their owners.


Tail Wagging

The most obvious gesture that everyone knows: if a dog wags its tail, it means that it is happy about something or someone.

Grin and Growl

Here, too, everything is very clear: now it is better not to approach the dog.

Barking and Jumping

This is how the pet grabs your attention and invites you to play or walk. It is also usually accompanied by running around the owner and wagging the tail.

A Sidelong Look and a Grin

Usually, this behavior occurs during a meal – this way the pet shows you not to touch his bowl.

Head Tilt, Pinned Ears, and Tail

This is the most humble pose. Perhaps the pet did something while you were not at home, and is worried that you will punish him for it.

Flip Belly Up

The pet invites you to pet it and shows you complete confidence.

Lowered Ears and Hidden Tail

Sometimes accompanied by whining. So, now the dog is scared, something scared her. Try to calm her down.

Leaning Towards the Floor or the Ground

With this gesture, the dog calls you to play – do not ignore her request!

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