When Should I Take My Dog to the Vet?

Having a pet in your home is a great joy, but also a serious responsibility. After all, now it is on your shoulders to take care of the health and well-being of the animal. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for any emergency from the first day the pet lives in your house – to study the nutritional and vital functions of the animal, stock up on the necessary medicines, and find out the addresses of the nearest veterinary clinics. Also, you should definitely find out where the veterinarian seeks around the clock and where to go if you need to call a doctor at home.

Often, when the animal is unwell, the question arises before the breeders – take the pet to the clinic or call a doctor at home. Both options have their own specifics. On the one hand, a trip to the clinic is always stressful for the animal. Unaccustomed environment, moving in an unusual way, the neighborhood with other animals – all this oppresses the animal. On the other hand, in the clinic, the veterinarian has a greater number of medicines, tools, and improvised means than when leaving the house, which means that he will be able to provide qualified assistance in, especially difficult situations.

Definitely, calling a veterinarian at home is justified in the following cases:

Your pet needs to undergo a routine examination and vaccination, while you have not noticed any alarming symptoms. In this case, there is no need to disturb the animal in vain – since all these manipulations can be carried out in a familiar environment for your pet.

This is a baby that has not yet received the necessary vaccinations. Before vaccination, the animal is vulnerable to all kinds of infections, so it is risky to take it outside the usual habitat. In such a situation, the choice between going to the clinic and calling the veterinarian at home should be based on the severity of the symptoms.

In case of serious injuries and injuries, when transporting a pet to the clinic is dangerous. At the same time, it is worth remembering that serious injuries will most likely require surgical intervention, which means that the animal will still have to be taken to the clinic. Therefore, if you are sure that you can deliver your pet to the doctor, it is better not to delay and go to the clinic on your own. However, if there is a suspicion of damage to internal organs and other serious injuries, it is better to transport the animal under the supervision of a specialist.

If you are not sure about the location of your pet’s examination, you should call the clinic and, after explaining the situation to the veterinarian, ask for advice.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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