Where to Leave a Dog on Vacation?

What to do with the dog when the owner goes on vacation? For dog owners who are going on vacation and for some reason cannot take their pet with them, it is quite difficult to decide with whom to leave the dog. If no alternative solutions exist, the dog will have to stay at home, but you will have to worry about the appropriate conditions for it in advance. What decision will be the most correct? We offer you three ways to solve your problem.

Hotel for dogs

This option is very convenient, as it ensures that your pet is provided with the right care, nutrition, and necessary walks. There, the pet will not be bored, because he will be in the company of other four-legged animals. Of course, no one can guarantee that the dog will definitely not miss you, but in an upscale hotel, the time it spends without an owner will fly by faster.

Before leaving your dog on vacation at the hotel, make sure that the place is really suitable for your pet. First, try to find reviews from other owners, visit the establishment yourself without an animal and make sure that the condition of the sites and enclosures meets the requirements. Chat with your leader and the people who will take care of your friend. After that, take a look there with the dog so that she can get a little familiar with the new place and get used to it. For the hotel, of course, there is a daily payment (it all depends on the conditions in which the pets are kept).

Petsitter (animal nanny)

A relatively new offer on the service market where you can leave your dog on vacation, but quite interesting, especially if your dog is terrified of new places. A professional nanny can take care of the pet directly at the owner’s house, even if it takes several days in a row. If your pet needs an individual approach, special nutrition, or needs care after an illness – such a companion for a dog will be an excellent solution.

The cost of such a nanny is usually not cheaper than paying for a hotel for dogs (the cost depends on the frequency of the required walks and the individual characteristics of care). The downside of this decision is the need to provide the keys to your house to a stranger, which, of course, is not suitable for every dog ​​owner and can become an insurmountable barrier in this matter.

Family or friends

If there is a person in your environment who, in your absence, will be able to take care of your pet, no doubt ask him for help. This solution is the best option not only for the animal but also for the owner. Taking care of a person already familiar with the dog will help avoid additional stress. You, in turn, will be able to spend your vacation in peace, without worrying that a stranger is in charge of the house.

An alternative would be to decide to give your pet to a caregiver while on vacation. However, you should first remember about all the habits of the animal and inform the person who will help take care of it it. After all, you probably don’t want your relationship with your family or friend to worsen over this short period of time just because your dog, for example, was happy to relax on their new sofa. The decision to place the dog in the care of another family will be more correct if it is well trained.

In case none of these solutions suits you, organize your vacation in such a way that you can take your beloved dog with you. Nowadays, in many hotels and boarding houses, there are no problems due to the presence of a pet.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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