Whether to Remove the Collar and Harness From the Dog at Home

Every pet dog on the street must wear a collar or harness – these are the rules. However, is it necessary to remove the collar from the dog at home after every walk? After all, a pet can run around the apartment and in a collar or even a harness, which can happen to him … This is how many owners reason, not realizing that all these straps, clasps, metal rings can cause a dangerous situation. According to the testimony of American veterinarians, 15% of accidents that occur with dogs at home are due precisely to the fact that the collar or harness was not removed from the pet in time.


When should you wear a collar on your dog?

Pets that sit at home and rarely walk should not wear a collar or harness all the time. Especially if the animal does not have the slightest chance to go out on its own.

Only if the pet often walks in the garden or in the courtyard of a private house, it must be wearing a collar with a tag indicating the phone number and address of the owner.

You never know what a dog will think of. Maybe she’ll find a hole in the fence or just jump over it to go for a walk on her own. Therefore, it is better to play it safe so that you have more chances to quickly find the escaped dog.

Why is it worth removing the collar at home?

Even a well-fitting padded collar or harness can be uncomfortable for a dog. Friction damages the fur. In long-haired dogs, tangles form under and around the harnesses. This is annoying, uncomfortable, and the dog becomes nervous.

Over time, the coat wears out, and the belt rubs the skin, up to abrasions and redness. This leads to skin infections, which may subsequently require long-term treatment.

The cheap artificial material from which the accessory is made often causes allergies. As a result, even deep bleeding wounds can occur.

The danger of suffocation and injury to the digestive tract

Dogs left unattended, especially young ones who are bored at home, suffering from separation, may chew on the straps of a harness or collar. For the owner’s budget, this is not so scary, you can always buy a new accessory. But for a dog?

A swallowed piece of leather, fabric, and especially plastic or metal fasteners can lead to very unpleasant consequences. A foreign object can cause suffocation or even tear the walls of the digestive tract.

In such a situation, life is saved in a matter of minutes! And at this time the owner is not at home …

In every house or apartment, there are sure to be such objects for which a dog may well catch on with a collar or harness strap. It can be anything – a handle, grill, etc. The hooked animal will call the owner for help to the last, torn with all his might, only aggravating the situation. The belt will grip his body more and more, there will be no air …

The beloved owner at this moment, again, will not be there. He – at work, visiting, went to the store or to drink tea with neighbors.

Paw injuries, broken teeth, and claws

When trying to get rid of the collar or just playing, the dog will catch its claw on the latch or tag ring. Small parts of the accessory can get stuck on the pet’s lower jaw, preventing it from closing its mouth, causing pain, breaking teeth.

The paw can accidentally slip under the belt, and in this case, a dislocation is quite possible, or even a fracture with all aggravating circumstances.

Anything foreign that is attached to the animal’s body is potentially dangerous for it. Therefore, it is worth thinking very carefully before deciding whether to remove the collar and harness from the dog at home or leave it.

Our advice – if the pet is constantly at home in front of the owner, then you can leave the collar and not take it off for a while. For example, when you plan to leave the house with the dog, say, in half an hour or an hour.

In any other situation, say, at night, and especially when the owner is going to leave the house and leave the pet alone, the collar and harness must be removed.

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