White Pekingese Dog Breed Information

The exterior of Pekingese dogs allows any shade of coat. The most spectacular and rather rare is the white color.

White Pekingese Dog

White Pekingese dog

Pekingese with a white coat is much less common than representatives of this breed of fawn or red color. The shade ranges from milky to cream. Mask and dark circles around the eyes may or may not appear. The coat in white dogs is very beautiful and fluffy. The “fur coat” consists of a long awn and a very dense and dense undercoat.

Important! This color option is included in the breed standard.

How to Distinguish From an Albino

Albinism is a common problem in many breeds of dogs. Animals suffering from this disease are most often born to parents who have any genetic abnormalities, are closely related. This pathology is characterized by a completely white coat, discolored eyelashes, and eyebrows. Animals suffering from albinism have blue eyes, which are very sensitive to light.

Important! Albinos are very painful, capricious. Not everyone can keep such a dog, as it needs careful care.

Pekingese born with albinism are not allowed to show and breed. However, not everyone knows how to distinguish a dog with pathology from a healthy individual with a white coat. When comparing, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

  • the nose of an albino is always light, in a healthy dog it is black;
  • albinos do not have a rim around the eyes, for Pekingese with a white coat it may just be light;
  • a healthy dog has brown eyes.

Puppies are usually born without any pigmentation spots. To understand that there was no “defect” in the litter, you need to wait until the babies are 10 days old. Healthy puppies at this age will begin to show darkening on the muzzle, while albinos will not.

How to Breed White Pekingese

People who want to breed only White Pekingese may face a number of problems. It is very difficult to find dogs with such a feature of appearance.

Individuals whose “fur coat” has a snow-white color are best suited for breeding. At first, not all puppies will be born the same as their parents. However, over time, the “white” gene will become dominant and supplant all others. If the “snowflake” is crossed with a red or fawn male, a puppy similar to the mother may not be in the litter.

Important! Breeding of white Pekingese is possible in several generations without pigmentation losses.

Caring for White Pekingese

Dogs with a similar coat color require more careful grooming than their counterparts of a different coat. So, in addition to standard hygiene procedures, these animals will need:

Coat cleaning. Each Snow White will need additional washing. Spots, which are not visible on black or red dogs, are clearly visible on the owners of the light coats.

Removing traces of streaks under the eyes. You can remove red spots with a cotton swab dipped in boric acid. Also, special shampoos are suitable for these purposes.

Important! Care products are best purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. It is necessary to select shampoos and balms that do not contain dye.

By nature, white Pekingese are no different from their counterparts with black or red color. Although realizing their uniqueness, they can behave and a little more important.

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