Why are guinea pigs considered better pets than hamsters?



When it comes to choosing a small pet, guinea pigs and hamsters are among the most popular options. However, guinea pigs are often considered to be better pets than hamsters for a variety of reasons. While both animals have their own unique qualities, guinea pigs have several advantages that make them more suitable for many people.

Longer lifespan:

One of the main advantages of guinea pigs over hamsters is their longer lifespan. Guinea pigs can live for up to 7-8 years, while hamsters usually only live for 2-3 years. This means that guinea pigs can be a long-term commitment and a great companion for many years to come.

More social animals:

Guinea pigs are social animals that enjoy being around other guinea pigs and their owners. They are known for their friendly personalities and are often more interactive with their owners than hamsters. While hamsters are solitary animals that prefer to be left alone, guinea pigs thrive on social interaction and require regular attention and playtime.

Easier to handle:

Guinea pigs are larger and more robust than hamsters, making them easier to handle and less likely to be injured. They are also less likely to escape from their cages or get stuck in small spaces. This makes them a great choice for children and first-time pet owners who may not have experience handling small animals.

Less likely to bite:

While hamsters have a reputation for biting, guinea pigs are generally much gentler and less likely to bite. They have a calm demeanor and are not as easily startled as hamsters. This makes them a safer option for families with young children.

Variety of breeds:

Guinea pigs come in a wide range of breeds and colors, making them a fun and interesting pet to choose. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and personality traits. This allows pet owners to find the perfect guinea pig to fit their lifestyle and personality.

Less odor:

Unlike hamsters, which can have a strong odor, guinea pigs are relatively odor-free. They do not require frequent baths and their cages can be cleaned less often than hamster cages. This makes them a more pleasant pet to have in the home.

Quieter pets:

Guinea pigs are generally quieter than hamsters, which are known for their nocturnal habits and tendency to make noise at night. Guinea pigs are more active during the day and usually sleep through the night, making them a better choice for families who prefer a quieter household.

More active during the day:

As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs are more active during the day than hamsters. They are often awake and ready to play when their owners are home from work or school. This makes them a great pet for families who want to spend time with their pet during the day.

Better with children:

Overall, guinea pigs are a better choice for families with children than hamsters. They are larger, less likely to bite, and more social than hamsters. They also have a longer lifespan, which allows children to form a lasting bond with their pet. However, it is important to supervise young children when handling guinea pigs to ensure their safety.

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