Why Can a Pug Grunt?

Most people who have seen a pug at least once are sure that it is a constantly grunting and sniffling dog. This is partly true, pugs have the ability to grunt, they have rather heavy breathing. This is explained by the structural features of the animal’s muzzle. However, grunting can often indicate a serious health problem. Therefore, pet owners of this breed need to be attentive to the well-being of their pets.


Pug Dog Breed Information

The breed feature of pugs is a flattened muzzle. Because of this, the area of the nasal region is reduced. This is reflected in the movement of air, causing the animal to grunt.

Important! this feature applies not only to pugs but also to all representatives of the brachycephalic group. It also includes Shar Pei, Pekingese, Japanese Chin, Griffon, Mastiff, and other dog breeds.

As a result of this structure, the cooling function is reduced, and the animal may suffocate. In a normal situation, this is not a pathology. However, in hot weather, a pet can suffer serious, not being able to normally cool the inhaled air. These pets can even get heatstroke.

Why Do Pugs Grunt?

A foreign body may appear in the dog’s nose, as pugs are very curious by nature. Sniffing the area, small particles of various objects easily get into the nasopharynx. If this happens, the animal may begin to grunt. In this case, you will have to remove the object from the nose yourself or contact your veterinarian.

But there are a number of pathological conditions when a grunt appears in a pug:

neoplasms (oncology is not uncommon in dogs if growth has formed in the nasopharynx area, the pet may begin to grunt);

parasites (worms parasitize not only in the digestive organs, but some species can also settle in the lungs and cause sounds similar to grunting);

tracheal collapse (narrowing of the airway can also be characterized by unusual sounds, if you do not provide help in time, the dog will die);

paroxysmal breathing (a dangerous condition that often leads to the death of a pet, you should contact your veterinarian to alleviate the condition of the pug).

If the owner of the pug notices an unusual grunt, or it has become louder, sharper, it is necessary to urgently seek help from a veterinary clinic. Some pathological conditions may be incurable, but you can always make your pet’s life easier.

How to Solve This Problem?

As already mentioned, painful conditions that lead to grunting should be treated with a professional doctor. This is the only correct option to provide your pet with a dignified existence in the conditions of a certain disease.

If the sounds are only a breed characteristic and do not harm your pet, you do not need to fix it. One has only to closely monitor his condition, provide him with a cooling system during a hot period of time, and also control sounds so that they do not turn into wheezing, regular sneezing, or coughing. In this case, you need to urgently show the pug to the doctor.

Each owner is obliged to monitor the physical condition of his pet. The presence of grunting sounds is not an indicator of illness or any disturbance in the work of the pet’s body. However, an increase in sounds or a change in their nature, intensity can indicate the development of pathology, and a number of them are quite dangerous and even fatal.

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