Why did Cole relate to the baby sparrows?

Introduction: Who is Cole?

Cole is the main character in the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelson. The story tells of a teenage boy who is filled with anger and resentment. After a vicious beating of a classmate, Cole is sent to a remote island in Alaska as a form of punishment. There he is left to fend for himself and confront his demons. While on the island, Cole discovers and relates to a family of baby sparrows.

The Discovery of Baby Sparrows

While exploring the island, Cole discovers a nest of baby sparrows that have been abandoned by their mother. He becomes fascinated by their vulnerability and decides to take it upon himself to care for them. As he watches over them and feeds them, he begins to feel a sense of connection to the sparrows.

The Beginning of Cole’s Relationship with the Sparrows

Cole’s relationship with the sparrows starts as one of curiosity but quickly develops into something more. He becomes emotionally invested in their well-being and spends most of his time caring for them. The sparrows become a source of comfort and companionship for Cole during his time on the island.

The Sparrows’ Vulnerability and Helplessness

The vulnerability and helplessness of the baby sparrows is what initially draws Cole to them. He sees a reflection of himself in the tiny creatures and feels a sense of responsibility to protect them. As he cares for them, he becomes more aware of his own vulnerability and the importance of compassion.

Cole’s Need for Connection and Companionship

Cole’s troubled past has left him feeling disconnected from others. His relationship with the sparrows provides him with a sense of connection and companionship that he has been missing. The sparrows become a way for him to express his love and connect with another living being.

The Role of Empathy in Cole’s Relationship with the Sparrows

Empathy plays a significant role in Cole’s relationship with the sparrows. He is able to understand and share their feelings, which allows him to connect with them on a deeper level. Through his empathy, he is able to provide the care and attention that the sparrows need to survive.

The Benefits of Animal Interaction for Mental Health

Studies have shown that interacting with animals can have a positive impact on mental health. The relationship between Cole and the sparrows is a prime example of this. The companionship and sense of purpose that comes with caring for animals can help people overcome feelings of isolation and depression.

The Importance of Nurturing Relationships with Wildlife

The relationship between Cole and the sparrows highlights the importance of nurturing relationships with wildlife. As humans, we have a responsibility to care for and protect the animals that share this planet with us. By forming connections with animals, we can gain a greater appreciation for the natural world and the role that we play in it.

The Lessons We Can Learn from Cole and the Sparrows

The relationship between Cole and the sparrows teaches us the importance of compassion, empathy, and interconnectedness. It shows us that even the smallest and most vulnerable creatures deserve our care and protection. By nurturing relationships with animals and the natural world, we can cultivate a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Conclusion: The Value of Interconnectedness with All Living Beings

The relationship between Cole and the sparrows illustrates the value of interconnectedness with all living beings. By forming connections with animals and nature, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. It is through these relationships that we can find meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging.

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